Formula 1 2012 Review For PS3

How many times have you ever started a racing game on your latest PS3 gaming console only to be disappointed by the fact that the game doesn’t offer the challenging level of difficulty, gameplay and realistic graphics that you were expecting? Well, you can bid farewell to those days of disappointment as you get your hands on the latest Formula 1 2012 for your beloved PS3 gaming console.

F1 Game
F1 Game

With this gaming title in your collection, you can rest assured that you have your hands on one of the most advanced and realistic driving simulation games that are there in the market. This must be enough to tempt you to go and get hold of the Formula 1 2012 game. In case you are still skeptical, you can go through the following aspect reviews of the Formula 1 2012 for further details:

The Gameplay and Career Mode

Don’t you dearly wish that you could live the adrenaline rich and fame filled life on an F1 driver yourself as you witness them on your television or zooming around in dream machines around the track? Well, the Formula 1 2012 video game brings to you this opportunity in one of the most realistic looking and feeling computer video games of all times. The best part is the fact that the game mode of the Formula 1 2012 has a career mode to it which allows you to take on the shoes of a professional F1 driver and drive around in all the leading circuits around the world.

Feel The Real

You can now actually be steering your dream machine at break neck speeds throughout the famous and glitzy glamorous racing tracks all around the world. Witness yourself being crowned the world champion in the Formula 1 2012 and also enjoy the fame from fans, sponsors and supporters. This experience is further enhanced by the fact that the Formula 1 2012 video game brings to you a chance to witness the real difficulties and challenges that a real F1 racer faces while driving around in the vehicles. Starting from disqualifications to bonus points, you will be at the receiving end of all of this in real life pattern.


The Formula 1 2012 video game on the PS3 console brings to you the opportunity to actually climb the career ladder that is there in the life of an F1 racer. You will need to pass through numerous qualifying and test drives before you can get your hands on the mean machines that you witness zooming around the track at astronomical speeds.

The fact that all this reality is rendered to you in real life like graphics, sound and physics engines, makes the Formula 1 2012 a much more attractive prospect than its previous installations. You can rest assured that you will feel the adrenaline flowing in your system as if you are actually sitting behind the wheels in a do or die race.