What to Say When Flirting with a Girl

Whether you want to flirt with your wife, girlfriend, or the nice-looking woman at the bar you’ve just met, how you touch her is more important than what you say. Some men seem to know how to flirt, end a spat, or stimulate women quickly with touching as if they were given the gift.

Sadly the vast majority of guys don’t go home with the hot woman at the bar or have nearly as fulfilling a sex life at home as they should because they have never learned how to flirt properly. Gift her some luxury gadgets for instant points.

Learning the secrets of how to touch women the way they want to be touched will significantly enhance your flirting game. And, if you’re a married man who is used to the occasional arguments (you know the spats that you don’t even know why they got started in the first place!), then you’ll be eager to learn how touching your wife the right way can easily defuse things and bring you a lot of peace!

What to Say When Flirting with a Girl

The reason is, the human body reacts to pleasant caresses by producing oxytocin and endorphins, which stimulate relaxation and happiness. Here are four fundamental keys to flirting and touching women effectually for your desired result, which is making her like you!

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Getting started:

When meeting a sexy girl for the first time, you’ll want to communicate clearly when touching her so as not to come off too bashful, or end up on her “guy-friend” list. Make it evident to her that you like her, without being abrupt or too aggressive with your body language, especially in the first 10 minutes or so.

After some conversation with a new woman at a bar, a classic subtle move is to casually brush against her shoulder or back while getting your glass. Another excellent move is while facing her in conversation, try leaning in toward her until your chest is near her upper body to hear better what she’s telling you.

How to flirt with a girl

A super way to begin flirting with your wife or girlfriend is to slowly stroll behind her and gently touch her lower hip and back while letting out a subtle moan. These types of moves will communicate in a clear way that you are flirting, but in an affectionate way, which women love.

The next step:

If you’re continuing to have flirty conversations with a girl in a bar or club, you’re getting to know her better, and things are going nicely, don’t be afraid to take a chance and see if she’s enjoying your company. If she has so far been OK with moderate closeness, then she’s most likely cool even more advances. Read this article on gifts for your valentine.

Take some initiative by touching her arm, shoulder, or back intentionally but softly. Should your touch be met with a bit of resistance, you’re wary for the better and can move on to another girl on the scene. By all means, continue by caressing her some more to signal you’re enjoying her company.

Just about now, she is probably hoping not to show you too much excitement for how you are treating her – trust your instinct – she adores it!. Be sure you’re gentle still, as you don’t want to give the tough-guy impression.

Keep it going:

By now, the ice is broken, and the two of you are enjoying your bodies close to one another, so it’s time to move on to her other body parts. A visible welcoming sign by her is the classic laugh while she lightly slaps her hands on your thighs, or dropping her head into your chest or shoulder.

It’s undoubtedly a perfect moment now to be more playful, perhaps softly caressing her back or neck, and playfully putting your arm around her during laughter. Massaging her shoulders is a great way to cut through any remaining “tension,” and show that you are digging her company.

If she says something like, “oh, that’s so good,” you’re surely on your what way to achieving first base, or even more, tonight. Focus on making her feel great, and she will be into you before you know it.

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Moving in for the Kiss:

This won’t feel as daunting as you may have imagined, but instead natural if you are on track up to now. Play with her hair, and give her that look into her eyes that she’s been most likely waiting for. If she gazes back, lowering her smile to an almost nervous smirk – this means she is ready to greet your kiss.

Make it a soft one, especially if you are in public. A hot wet kiss at this moment will most likely make her feel a bit awkward unless she’s into it and firmly kisses you back, then go for it!.

If this is your initial encounter with this girl, you’ve got her phone number at least, or maybe the evening will get even hotter for you. If you are using your new flirtatious touch skills with your wife or girlfriend, you are surely going to the bedroom!