FL Studio Tutorial – Adding Effects to a Channel

Adding an effect to a sound can help make it shine and sound more interesting. Effects can range from the subtle to the extreme. Some common effects are Delay, Reverb and Compression. Adding them to your FL Studio productions is easy.

Music Studio
Music Studio

How To Add Sound

Before you begin adding effects, you need to know how to add sounds to FLStudio. Since you need to route the channel to a Mixer channel, it might be helpful to look at your mixer and determine which channel you want to use. You can bring up the Mixer by pressing the Mixer tool button on the tool bar: or pressing F9.

Determine what channel you want to use and go back to the pattern.

Once you have a sound added you can simply click on the Channel Settings button to bring up the channel setting window. Once you are in the Channel Settings window, you need to assign it to an FX (Mixer) channel. In the upper right side of the Channel Settings, you will see an LCD with either a number or two dashes in it. Clicking on this and dragging up and down will set the FX (Mixer) channel number. If you can see the Mixer at this point you will see each channel highlight as you scroll through. For this tutorial, we’ll put the effect ofor this channel on Mixer channel 7.

Now any sound that this channel generates gets sent to the Mixer channel #7.

Lets go to back the Mixer by pressing F9 to make the Mixer window active. You can see you have 8 slots available to use. We’ll add a simple reverb effect by clicking the down arrow to the right of slot #1.

This brings up a menu with your favorites defined. Three other options exists, More… , Browse Presets and (none). You would use (none) to clear an effect from that slot. If your effect is listed, select it. Otherwise you might need to use More… to find it in the list. Please see the tutorial on [adding sounds] for a description of how to select and/or scan for plugins in greater detail. For now we’ll select the Fruity Reverb 2 plugin. Each effect you insert will have it’s own window with it’s own settings. If you close a window, simply click on the slot to bring it back up.

Be Aware About The Order

Be aware that the order in which you add your effects in the 8 available slots can have an impact on the end result. For example, if you added an compressor in slot #1 and a reverb in slot #2 it may sound very different if the effects were added in reverse order. A general rule to remember is that the slots act like a chain, where slot #2 gets the effected audio from slot #1. Slot #3 gets the affected audio from slot #2 and so on. You can also use the knob to the right of each effect to increase or minimize the impact of the effect. The small toggle button will enable/disable the effect.

Conclusion You have learned how to route a channel to the FL Studio Mixer and apply effects. You have also learned the concept of an effects chain and how it processes the audio.