Five Rules For Healthy Intestines

To find out if your intestines do well, simply look at the mirror. Grey face color, greasy skin, dim hair, dandruff? It is time to sound alarm! Stomach swelling, nausea, constipations? Each affirmative answer is a good occasion to start intestines improvement. After all, toxins and carcinogens kept in intestines can cause serious diseases, including malignant tumors. So, here are five colon cleanse rules for your intestines health.


Rule №1

For normal intestines acting it is necessary 25 grams cellulose a day. Cellulose helps organism to get rid of toxins, carcinogens and slags. All vegetables, fruits, and also nuts, bran, wholemeal sorts of bread and porridge from grain, except rice, are rich of cellulose. Rice dehydrates an organism, and it can become constipation and hemorrhoids reason. Dieticians recommend a mix of dried fruits which contains daily norm of cellulose. You need to get 1/2 glasses of raisin, prunes, dried apricots, fig, walnuts, wash out and scald with boiled water, move whole mass through a meat grinder. Mass you got after grinder should be carefully mixed. Eat one table spoon in the morning before a breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner or supper to achieve good colon cleanse effect. Keep mixed mass in the refrigerator.

Rule №2

Drink 7 glasses of pure water daily. The first glass right after awakenings strengthens impellent intestines function; the others dissolve and deduce toxins during the day. It is necessary to drink glass not in one volley but small drinks: the glass should be drunk during half an hour. Water drinking stops 10 minutes before the meal and renews in 30 minutes after feeding.

Rule №3

After awakening, having glass of water, make intestines massage – carefully massage a belly clockwise movements 9-18 times. Do not forget about physical activity which speeds up intestines work and improves belly cavity blood supply.

Rule №4

It is necessary to adjust work rhythm of intestines, and for this purpose it is necessary to colon cleanse regularly – learn to release activity waste at the same time, for example, after a breakfast or after a supper.

Rule № 5

If the intestines do not act well within 2 days, use natural laxative-infusion Cassia acutifolia delile. A table spoon of Cassia acutifolia delile leaves should be filled in with a glass of hot water and put in a water bath for 30 minutes. Remove from a bath and cool liquid. To filter infusion it is necessary liquid to be in cooled condition so that the leaves resinous components dissolved in water (they can cause a pain in intestines) have separated at bottom of a glass. Drink 1/2 glass of infusion before sleep. You can use this remedy only from time to time, in other way you will get addiction to such “dope” and the chronic constipation may appear.