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Laser treatment for hair loss is a procedure you will need to go to a clinic to have done. These are programs directed by a doctor that uses low level laser equipment in combination with some hair products for hair loss and nutritional supplements. These combined treatments give men and women with hair loss the best chance to grown new hair.

A doctor does not need to perform the procedure themselves. A medically trained staff can wield a laser. But follow ups and supervision by a doctor is needed for the best clinics. Hair loss clinics would also have a nutritionist on board to consult. After a doctor has done a general check up and reviewed your medical history, they determine if you are a good candidate for hair loss remedy through laser treatments. Some people are losing hair because of current medication or other reasons that can be stopped. Hair loss because of nutrition should begin with an overall diet evaluation. It is common sense to first stop the cause of hair loss before beginning on a hair loss remedy through laser treatments. Otherwise treatments would be counter-productive in hair loss recovery.

Laser technology for hair loss uses laser diodes to transfer laser light to the patients scalp. This is the technology used for nearly all laser treatments you will find available at clinics. Unlike laser treatment for hair removal, hair loss remedy through laser treatments can only be done with the consultation of a doctor. Laser hair therapy is not surgical, and not invasive. It is considered a kind of cosmetic treatment for the remedy of hair loss and thinning hair caused by various scalp problems. This cosmetic laser technology is approved by the US FDA. Laser hair therapy is highly effective; nearly all patients experience some improvement by the way of increased hair growth. And 97 per cent count that 20 per cent of their hair had grown back. 77 per cent have re-growth of up to 51 per cent.


Laser hair treatment has been shown to be effective in the treatment of female pattern baldness and hair thinning. Nearly 94 per cent of women have experiences some re-growth following treatments. A study done in Europe have an even better success rate, 100 percent of their clients have retained their new hair growth and 20 percent have determined their hair has improved in thickness and density from the hair follicles. The Canadian Government has released certification that claims laser hair treatments strengthens the hair, prevents further hair loss, and will stimulate re-growth of the hair in both men and women.

Research in both the US and overseas are consistent in showing that hair loss remedy through laser treatment does work for most people and brings in other benefits when combined with proper scalp care and adequate nutrition supervised by the hair loss clinic. So when choosing a clinic, make sure they provide a well rounded and holistic program for treating hair loss. Laser Therapy stimulates the hair follicles to grow hair, but scalp care and nutrition make sure that the patient retains the hair.

Frank Holliday used to suffer from hair loss which can be attributed to genes. He has gone through numerous treatments and believes the most effective is laser hair treatment.

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