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Table football does really has a huge impact on a lot of people all over the world. With the help of it you are able to win a respect or vice versa. Table football is played in bars between the friends. Just scoring a couple of goals in front of the onlookers allows you to become a hero for your friends and for the ladies who were also watching you playing. As a man who was really great at playing a table football I can give a couple of advices which were really helpful and made me a lot of fans. First of all use the wrist flick. It is quite inaccurate to spin the bar and then the clear shots become straight and quite predictable. In most of the cases it is forbidden even it makes you look like you were not aware of the rules. That is a great moment to use a wrest-flick. So, you have to use the hand that is much stronger in comparison with the other one and handle making a shot. You do not have to think about the hand but to concentrate on the wrist hard. Then you have your wrist abruptly, but the ball will move to the aim and you will look really confident.

All the time protect your field and do not allow the gap to appear. Players who are really good at playing table football will pass the ball along the players who attack and will do everything possible to penetrate the gap. The bars also have to be moved in and out. You have to do it unpredictably so the the other players will not be able to get a clear shot.

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It is also advised to tilt the players. The attack and defense bars have to be tilted in a slight way in case you will decide to block but at the same time to keep the possession. In case the player from the opponent team decided to shoot from the range, they do not have an access to a lot of the angels. That is why you have to keep the defenders in the gaps and other midfielders and those players who attack far from the angels so the opposite team can not attack. If the defense will be organized in a good level they will not have any chance to break it.

Not a lot of players can score a goal from the middle of the field. That is why if there is an opportunity it is recommended to pass the ball from the 5 bar to the 3-man strike force. This is a very good chance to score. You have for sure use that strategy.