Fashionable bedroom furnishings and accessories

An antique dresser set will add a touch of elegance to any bedroom Although most of us are not antique experts, we have come across a lot of dresser sets constructed in some of history’s most popular design styles. Most of us have been seeing real antiques in the homes of friends and relatives for years without even realizing what they were. A very popular type of antique dresser set is the Rococo revival style which is easily identified by the drawer pulls having delicate detail work. Usually, they will be hand-carved from beautiful hardwoods like rosewood or walnut and have curved fronts.

The Renaissance revival era might be a terrific style of the antique dresser for folks who are searching for something classical and ornate. A few of the characteristics of these ornate dressers include marble inlay tops, carved handles, fluted legs, and framed mirrors. When shopping for antiques you will need to take your time investigating the numerous styles so that you will be certain you are getting the real article. A couple of hallmarks of a true antique dresser will be the bent mirror glass and the slight fading of the wood, both of which show that the piece is handcrafted and old.

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Bamboo bed sheets One of the most popular recent trends

On the market, today are bedsheets manufactured with bamboo. Bed sheets like these are particularly popular with people who take pride in being kind to the ecosystem. Often the bamboo used to create sheets comes from the leftover materials used to produce different products such as flooring.

There are lots of enormous advantages to using bamboo

Including the fact that it is genuinely antibacterial and is raised without the use of harmful chemicals that can be normally discovered in cotton. Sheets like these have a natural sheen and are found in either dyed or natural styles. There can be many advantages to using this new textile with the only actual drawback being the premium price you are going to pay. The cost of bamboo bedding is usually higher because of the limited production and the amount of labor needed by the procedure that is utilized. You will obtain bamboo bedsheets at various retail stores, ranging from small ecology-minded web-based boutiques to fancy department stores.

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