Family-Friendly New Years Party Ideas

With all of the wild parties that are common on New Year’s Eve, having a supply of family-friendly New Years party ideas on hand will garner you more guests than you may imagine, especially if you know lots of families that are staying in to keep the kids warm and safe. These ideas can help you plan your successful party, and make you a hit with friends and family.

Send Out the Invites When you send out your invitations for your New Years Eve bash, make sure that you note that you won’t be serving any alcoholic beverages, or that you will keep the alcohol light. Mulled wine and cider will be plenty to serve for family times, but if you’re uneasy with serving drinks that contain alcohol, then don’t.

A great New Years party idea is to simply serve sparkling cider, along with some warming drinks like spiced apple cider and hot cocoa along with your traditional drinks. You will also want to note on the invitations whether or not the guests need to bring anything, such as personal items for a time capsule.

Build Time Capsules

One of the best New Year party ideas is to have the supplies to have everyone make their family time capsule that can be stored for opening in five, ten, or even twenty years. The families that you invite can bring whatever they would like to put into the capsule, remembering to add a few family photos to reminisce over when the time comes to open the time capsule.

Family-Friendly New Years Party Ideas

Make a Timeline

Another of the best New Years’ party ideas is to create a timeline for the kids to see so that they know more about what the celebration is about. Remember to include some personal highlights for each child, such as the year that they were born and the year that they started school. If you make the timeline long enough, then they will be able to see which year their parents were born, and where they were born on the line.

You can even play some games that reflect the changes in the decades, for example, a game of Guess the Decade that is played in the same way that you play Charades. This is a fun game for the adults, but if you have small children, then you may want to look for other New Years’ party ideas for them.

Make a Page in History

You can also take some time to gather up newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals from the last year, and have everyone who attends make a scrapbook page of the things that interested them most. You can use these types of New Year party ideas for both kids and adults; just make sure that you have magazines that are age-appropriate for the kids.

To make this an inexpensive way to celebrate, you can pick up some magazines at a local thrift shop and scrapbook paper from a local hobby shop. Make sure that you have many different styles so that everyone at your party will have something worth keeping until the next year comes around.

Food and Drinks

If you are planning on serving dinner at your party, then take advantage of the New Years’ party ideas that include potluck dinners. Since each family will have their own special traditions, begin by asking each family to bring a dish that is special for their own celebrations, and make sure that you take note of what everyone is bringing. Taking notes will allow you to avoid having two of one dish, and will let you know which gaps you need to fill in.