Understanding the EZTV torrent site

If you are a TV maniac, you can attest that you always look for websites to watch international shows whatsoever. You’ve also tried looking for the best torrenting platforms that offer the same. Unluckily, you haven’t landed on the best website due to many awful options available over the internet. Most of them are not secure to use, as there are many reported cases of online fraud and the sharing of malicious items that arguably damage devices. For that reason, it is always critical to research prior to engaging in any of the torrenting sites. The good news is that we are here to minimize your hustle of finding the right options because the whole process is time-consuming. We have tested a couple of the torrent sites, and luckily, EZTV is worth your consideration.

What is EZTV and how does it work?

Founded in 2005, EZTV is arguably one of the popular BitTorrent communities, which has been recognized to satisfy users with their streaming desires for years. It actually offers premium TV shows and movies for free, which is something you’ll not find with lots of sites online. Unlike other platforms where you can find all sorts of files and media, including TV shows, music, movies, among other desired torrents, EZTV provides access to TV shows only, which is most probably a great thing.

The EZTV features are normally tailored to offer TV shows only. For that reason, less traffic is recorded compared to other torrent sites, where everything is included. The good thing is that less content leads to good downloading speed.

Usually, accessing TV shows requires you to subscribe, which means you’ll buy the legal subscription online. But with EZTV, everything brought to your disposal is absolutely for free. You can still download your favorite TV show offline.

Speaking of active members, EZTV has a great number of users active in its community. You will get help as soon as possible, just in case you have an issue. Furthermore, if you want to know the specific TV shows and movies that are not uploaded yet on the platform, you can consult, and they’ll tell you when it will be available.

Is EZTV down?

Despite the site offering the best services to its clients, the firm has been experiencing a lot of critics when it comes to functionality and staying online. In 2014, the site was shut down due to copyright issues, making it inaccessible in several countries. However, the good news is that it made a great comeback with two exceptional domain names as EZTV.ch and EZTV.it. Due to law enforcement agencies and ISPs, a lot of tracking is being done, and unluckily, even the two new domain names are no longer working in some regions. So are there domain names that are still working and how can you get access to the site?

Issues with torrent sites

Piracy isn’t tolerated nowadays, and if it is suspected, the torrent site is definitely shut down by the government or ISP. Basically, what you share on your website must pass anti-piracy law. And since most of the torrent sites don’t have the legal authority to own most of the content shared there, all the internet service providers are requesting their blockade. But just like we’ve mentioned earlier, every problem has a solution. The interesting thing is that we have a backdoor to everything. If you need to access and download those premium TV shows and movies on your device, there are two ways to help you out.

1. Using proxy and mirror sites

One of the ways is utilizing proxy and mirror sites. Proxy sites are normally a clone of the mother website. It encompasses the same index and library of the mother site but with a different name. They are controlled by EZTV officials and are regularly updated to remain relevant.

One benefit of utilizing proxy websites is that you enjoy maximum speed when downloading your torrent file. The only downside of proxy sites is that they don’t receive a lot of traffic since they are not popularly recognized by the users. Another downside is that they are quickly blocked when identified by ISPs. Some proxy sites and mirrors are listed below.

EZTV proxy sites and mirrors


2. Using a VPN

The other great option of accessing EZTV sites is utilizing the VPN service. This is usually a service that assists people to change their IP address. With the VPN service, you can access any website without being tracked by the ISPs. The only issue when using a VPN service is that the internet is interrupted, and its speed is quite slow. However, that only depends on the type of service provider chosen. There are a couple of VPNs that offers the best services, including boosting the surfing speed. The right VPN also ensures that your privacy is maintained and all your online activities are secure.

How is VPN utilized to unblock EZTV? Here are simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the right VPN service provider and select a package
Step 2: Enable it on your device browser
Step 3: Choose to open either the main site or the proxy sites from the above list. You will be redirected to the homepage.
Step 4: Search for the file or the TV show or movie you are interested in and click on it.
Step 5: You will be redirected to the downloading page. Once there, click on the magnet or torrent link.
Step 6: Consider opening the downloaded content with a torrent client.

Best EZTV alternatives

The Pirate bay


Since you already know torrenting is illegal, and most countries have blocked access to these sites, it is better if you consider using EZTV proxy and mirror sites. Through these sites, you’ll access and download the file you want for free.
If all doesn’t seem to work with proxy and mirror sites, consider the likes of the best VPN.