EZTV – All you need to know: Unblock, Mirrors and Proxy

06We all love watching our favorite TV shows and movies without spending a single cent, Isn’t it? Well, you may be a movie lover, and due to limitations in some regions, accessing some awesome movies becomes challenging. Due to the limitation of accessing these shows and movies, you are only left with a few options, which might become boring later on. With EZTV, you don’t miss a thing. If you are green on what EZTV entails, it is an online platform specifically tailored to access the latest TV shows and movies. However, the website is not available in many areas. So, in this regard, the EZTV mirror and proxy sites can help you access it.

About EZTV

Before learning more about the EZTV platform, it is important to understand detailed information about it first. As its name suggests, the EZTV is basically one of the tops and favorite torrent sites for downloading copyrighted and latest TV shows and movies. Besides that, it as well provides an authentic category of files and other documents for different customers.

Elaborating about its community, EZTV introduces a forum search section where people can discuss the issues related to the website as far as service delivery is concerned. For this reason, the EZTV website has significantly become popular.

Is EZTV down?

Despite being closed in the year 2014, EZTV made an exceptional comeback changing its initials to EZTV.it alongside the EZTV.ch. Notwithstanding, the current situation of EZTV is that a lot of improvement has been established as in the likes of EZTV.AG. Typically, there are several reasons why EZTV is down in your region. EZTV is actually blocked in many areas, including Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Ireland. That said, the current EZTV domain name is only accessible in specific countries.

EZTV unblocked – Accessing the blocked sites with VPN

Despite the feasibility and the increasing popularity of the EZTV website, many countries have blocked it. However, individuals yet feel that there is a need to access it. So, with the utilization of mirror and proxy websites, it is merely easy to unblock the website and have access to your favorite TV shows and movies.

Additionally, a VPN is another alternative just in case all the proxies and mirrors are not working. Basically, VPN is a way by which people get sites unblocked. It can as well apply to the EZTV platform. Notwithstanding, if you want to completely mask your identity so that third party or ISP don’t learn about your browsing information, then you can try investing in the right VPN service provider.

Being a private network, VPN is a network that is shared across other public networks. When you try sending or receiving information utilizing the VPN software, you will be like using a private one. When accessing sites like EZTV with VPN, no one can see your activities. In simple terms, we really encourage individuals to consider investing in the right VPN, and although it will not mask your identity 100%, it is the only safe way nowadays. How to use VPN? Here are the steps you need to follow to access the EZTV.

  • Open your browser
  • Search for the VPN extension
  • Click and install the extension
  • Have it enabled
  • Access the EZTV site

Best EZTV proxy sites


These are some of the best EZTV proxy sites you can consider trying. We aren’t sure which one will work for you in your region, but at least one will work. Besides, instead of utilizing the EZTV proxies, you can try using a VPN to get the EZTV platform unblocked. All you require is selecting the right VPN service provider and sign up and unblock the EZTV websites in the comfort of your home.

Eztv Unblocked Tutorial
Eztv Unblocked Tutorial

EZTV alternatives


It is a site that keeps everything running secretively. It uses an old technique where individuals don’t reveal their identity; however, they get access to many contents from blocked sites. The good thing with this option is the list of categories provided. Numerous mirror and proxy sites are yet available for the 1337x option.


Launched in 2008, it was initially designed as the Bulgarian-tracker site. Currently, it can be compared to EZTV. It has been able to attract a lot of people worldwide. In 2015, it was privileged to be in the top 10 websites with many individuals utilizing the site for Torrenting/P2P for huge content. Actually, the RARBG is a great option if you want to make a switch or if you are considering investing in a proxy site for downloading everything from comics, software, movies, books, TV shows, games, and music.

Kickass torrents

A Kickass torrent is yet another great EZTV alternative. It has nine major categories coming with many subdivisions to enable easier access. Compared to other torrent sites that utilize the indexing system to rank the movies and TV shows, Kickass utilizes a voting system.


On this platform, you’ll get full verified content. There are strict rules as far as adult content is concerned. It is not available in many regions; however, that shouldn’t be a concern since there are actually several working LineTorrents proxies created by proper management and the fans.


Being the only source of formal YTS YIFY movies, YTS.ag is popularly used by people who need high-quality movies and TV shows found on websites similar to EZTV. Despite offering top-notch movies, their downloadable files are relatively smaller.


Having access to various TV shows and movies from blocked websites is a fun and exciting experience. With the right torrent site, it is relatively easy to watch and download your favorite shows. With that in mind, EZTV torrent is a great option worth your consideration. Despite the website being unavailable in some locations, it is pretty easy to utilize the EZTV mirror and proxy sites and access the same.
To access the EZTV platform without issues, consider using the right VPN.