Dealing With The EZTV Proxy Virus in 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

Since it was founded in 2005, EZTV has been a popular torrent site with millions of followers. Imagine how impatient and offended you get when you’re viewing your favorite content and then boom, an ad pops up. If you’ve had such an experience with a torrent site, you probably need to shift to EZTV.

The main aim of the formation of EZTV was to provide an ad-free site with which clients enjoy content with minimal interruptions. While ads may not be a big issue, antipiracy authorities have not rested in trying to bring the site down by sharing malicious links that could probably impact clients negatively. But the good news is that we now know how these viruses come, how we identify then, and how we can protect ourselves from them. Keep reading this article to get enlightened on EZTV proxy viruses.

Identifying malicious EZTV mirrors

New EZTV proxy mirror sites emerge very often. But how safe are these EZTV mirrors? Before you think of using a specific mirror, it’s of utmost importance to countercheck it and avoid the traps of techno-pirates. Note, however, that not all mirror sites are unsafe.

If a mirror can be safe in the begging but get unsafe after some time, or if it could be unreliable from the beginning, you need to understand the red flags to unsafe sites. So what are the signs that signal a dangerous mirror?

Eztv Mirrors
Eztv Mirrors

Suspicious messages

Have you ever opened a file, and the first thing that pops up is the “read me first” message? If so, you must have been reluctant to “read” the message. Scammers often use the trap of such messages to get the attention of people.

Other messages that might pop up are such as “code instructions,” “password instructions,” and many others. Opening such messages redirect you to shitty sites that contain additional virus files which you must not download. Generally, just avoid any mirror with suspicious message pop-ups.

Too many peers, few comments

When you first open a mirror, look at the number of followers and the comments; if the two don’t match, then something could be fishy. Apparently, fake uploaders know that people always want a mirror with many peers. As a result, they create multiple accounts for signing up into the mirror to confuse visitors by creating an impression of many peers.

And because they cannot create as many accounts to make that great impression, they use software that falsifies the number of peers by multiplying it with thousands. You can avoid such a trap by checking the comments section. If there are few comments, but an exceedingly large number of peers set your feet for an escape.

Fake “new movie release” files

While some torrent sites employ trusted groups to verify the files seeded by peers, it’s unfortunate that verified data are just very few. You need to be precautions about files of recent movies. Internet trolls are aware that most people are after current entertainment, movies in particular.

New Movie Release
New Movie Release

Therefore, they upload dangerous files or preferably viruses but label them with the name of a recent film so that people get tempted to open. The solution to avoid this trap is to do thorough research on the latest releases, particularly the date of release. If you find that the “recent movie” has not been released yet, then you cannot trust or go on to open the movie file.

Keeping safe from EZTV proxy viruses

Use sandboxes

EZTV contains virtual machines known as sandboxes that help users to quarantine files. Sandboxes work by detecting potentially dangerous files during download. In case the sandbox finds a file to be hazardous, it automatically stops the spread of the virus by preventing the file from being transported into your computer. If the data is safe, the sandbox allows the file to be transported to your computer.

Do a quick search

You can quickly identify the popular EZTV torrents through a quick search. If you find one with many peers, it could be the best option as long as it has many comments from clients. Comments are an excellent way to get feedback from users; the user will leave negative comments if a torrent has malware. On the other hand, users will be excited at reliable torrents and leave positive feedback to encourage other users to view.

Join an informative torrenting group

Several torrenting groups help members identify the safe sites and those to avoid. Unfortunately, the best of these groups operate on a leave-join basis, so one person must leave the group for another to join. It might be difficult to get a person leaving the group because they are usually very informative. If you are lucky enough to get a chance in the group, you’ll be able to know which EZTV sites are worth visiting and vice versa.

Antivirus software

Sometimes it gets challenging to trust comments because some internet trolls could use multiple fake accounts to comment positively on a torrent that has malware. While you can try to check a variety of comments, it’s essential to get antivirus software as additional protection. When downloading a torrent, antivirus software will scan it and warn in case it has malware and perhaps take the necessary steps to get rid of it.


Avoid WMA and WMV files.

WMA and WMV files have proven dangerous as they send you to sites that have malware or coercive paywalls. Don’t confuse these files for the MKV and AVI files, which are relatively safe. Another category that cannot be trusted is the RAR, ACE, and TAR files. While some of the data in these categories are safe, others are not safe, so you cannot be sure which one is safe or not. RAR files, in particular, are known to carry the Trojan viruses.

Avoid .exe and .bat file

Most definitely, you could have heard of warnings about the files that end with .exe and .bat. Yes, such files are capable of spreading malicious software and viruses. Whenever you see such torrent files, be sure to avoid them.


Hosting thousands of TV shows and other media, EZTV proxy, just like other torrenting sites, has become the target for cyber goons. When viewing any content from EZTV, you need to recognize the red flags of malicious mirrors and files as guided by the information above.
For easier accessibility of the EZV platform without Ads interruption, consider using the right VPN.