Extratorrentss proxy – How to Unblock, Proxy, Mirrors – Tutorial

Today’s torrenting sites are on the rise. Torrenting sites serve a broad spectrum of purposes, but if you are the movie and entertainment enthusiast, Extratorrents would be the best option. Extratorrents has a unique design, and its main point of focus is to provide its clients with the latest releases of movies and entertainment content. As of now, Extratorrents has approximately 5 million torrents, and the number is growing day by day.

Extratorrents’s life

You’ve probably heard of or used a torrent site that became obsolete after some time. Yes, its because the life of torrent sites is unpredictable- they come and go except for a chosen few that manage to attract a large number of followers.

Extratorrents were once an important site, but unfortunately, its original version is currently unavailable. The original version was fun and much better, as put by clients who had used it. As they say, they have been forced to bear with the disappointment of the demise of the original Extratorrents.

On May 17, 2017, proxy Extratorrentsvoluntarily shut down, leaving its fans only with mirrors of its original site and other torrent sites whose content resembles that of the original Extratorrents.

This was, however, not the end of the torrent site. Sometime later, the site was reborn to a new version with a little modification and a few more protocols.

Why opt for Extratorrents? Its special features

Ease of search

We cannot undermine Extratorrents proxy server’s efficiency in its functionality. With the search engine option, you can easily access high-quality movies and other entertainment content. Perhaps the simplistic design that allows you to search for content by categories and sub-category provides for more ease and higher speed of accessing content.

Peer-shared files

Extratorrents contains shared data (shared by peers) that clients can access. The movies and content are downloadable, so you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection every time you miss rewinding your favorite film.

The friendly site and vibrant community

A helpful website is the dream of every web visitor. One thing that makes Extratorrents outstanding among other torrent sites is the intimate nature of the site. In addition to this, the community or rather, the users of the site are vibrant and welcoming. You can never get disappointed with this site.

Technological news updates

This is perhaps the unique feature that Extratorrents possesses. Unlike other BitTorrent websites, Extratorrents has a section for articles that are meant to keep clients updated on the latest technology news and trends. Except for tech news and trends, you’re also capable of knowing popular trends among clients. That is, you could view the “most searched” category to understand the issues of current interest to people.

Low payload

Extratorrents boasts of a low payload that requires you to use almost no internet connection to load something. If the website’s design were to be a little bit more polished, maybe to eliminate the ads and popups that always plaque the site, it would still possess the same payload. The only thing is that the site would look more appealing.

Accessing Extratorrents

Extratorrents works precisely like other torrent sites. It operates on a peer to peer (p2p) protocol whose usefulness is dependent on the number of ‘peers’ and their willingness to share files.

Like many other torrent websites, it’s not easy to access Extratorrents. You need to have a VPN or to use a proxy if you want to access the site. Mirror sites can as well do you good in accessing Extratorrents’s search engine.

Extratorrents mirror sites


Are these mirror sites safe?

When Extratorrents was shutting down in 2017, all its mirrors had also gone off, and all the data on the website had been permanently erased. They cautioned people to stay away from fake clones and sites that could pretend to be Extratorrents.

Because there’s no limit to which cybercriminals can be put off, there managed to be several artificial clones and mirror sites. One of the fake mirrors was Extratorrents.ag, a mirror that became substantially “successful” with great popularity and many followers.

Extratorrents Unblocked
Extratorrents Unblocked

What we are trying to say is that not all Extratorrents mirrors are safe. Even though the Extratorrents.ag became inaccessible sometime later, other fake mirrors have emerged. There are so many Extratorrents mirrors, but the ones we’ve listed above are currently safe. However, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be safe even in the future.

Therefore you must always be keen when using mirrors to avoid getting in the trap of clones. If for any reason, you are not confident about the Extratorrents mirrors, we got you sorted with Extratorrents alternatives that could serve you just as good.

Extratorrents alternatives


Many people consider this to be the top alternative to Extratorrents proxy. You can use it whenever you want to download the media of your choice, be it movies, recordings, etc.

The pirates bay

Based in Seychelles, Extratorrents is perhaps the most popular torrent site around the world. With so many followers, the site is guaranteed to keep you updated on various media. The site allows you to download content t high download speed.


Zooqle is well designed with numbers that enable you to search for your preferred content with ease. The torrent site has quite an impressive amount of tv shows and movies. Generally, zooqle has a good interface that could need only minor improvements to become perfect.


Uncomplicated in design EZTV has an active forum that allows its users to report any links that might be broken or perhaps those that aren’t operating as required. Users are warned to be cautious when using EZTV and to use VPN when accessing the site, and this is because there have been security concerns in recent years that have led to the loss of credibility of the site.


Limetorrrents has a friendly community of users who are always willing to share recent releases of media. Additionally, the site boasts of good payload speeds, although there are some inconveniences with old torrents. Limetorrents is generally a good all-time alternative.


Are you a movie enthusiast? Would you like to stay updated on the latest Bollywood movies? Look no further. Extratorrentss is the best torrent site that will never disappoint you with regard to movie updates. Other media are also regularly updated, so there’s no limit to the entertainment you can enjoy.
For easier accessibility of the latest movies without future issues, consider investing in the right VPN.