About Extratorrents Proxy – Guide to Understanding It Better

If you’ve been following the torrent industry for some time or if you’ve been downloading torrent files, the chances are that you’ve heard about ExtraTorrent. For many years, ExtraTorrent was popularly recognized to be the king site where thousands and millions of individuals visited to access and download their best torrent files.

With millions of torrents and many fans following the site, ExtraTorrent was basically one of the best options to consider. However, recently, the company was shut down, ending its deal to offering the service. Why? Due to the copyright or illegal deals on the site!

Now that you can’t access the site and download any file from the original website, the Co-finder develops several clone websites to help people access the contents. However, some get terminated by internet service providers or by the government. The good news is that people can access these sites but through Extratorrents proxy.

Extratorrent proxy assists you mask your IP address and have access to all the files. One of the popular torrent sites is the extratorrent.cc. Published in 2006, this website was basically utilized for downloading big size files due to its easy to download and upload capabilities, while using limited storage. It also uploaded files without errors and used a per-to-per system to upload media.

Today, people still utilize Extratorrent. It is easy to use and boasts of its simple design. It offers a search advanced option to help the users find the software, movies, and files they are looking for.

What is Extratorrents proxy?

Extratorrents proxy is a site tailored to help you access the main site. The proxy servers run through intermediate between you and the website. Typically, the proxy masks your IP address to help you download the content you want.

Is Extratorrents down?

Well, undoubtedly, ExtraTorrent.ag website is currently down. Due to copyrighted issues, the government banned Extratorrent sites in 2017. After that, the owner thought of creating cloned sites or many copy versions to help people access the original site.

These copy versions have as well been blocked in some regions. The good thing is that a domain is already being used, and everything is running just fine. In fact, if you can consider visiting the website using the isitdownrightnoew.com, you’ll find that it still exists.

The limiting factor is that sometimes, the website becomes invisible, but this only happens for a short time. Therefore, if that happens in the future, here are some of the best proxies you can consider using.

Unblock Extratorrents

Basically, several proxies are perfectly suited to help people unblock extratorrents sites. This implies that accessing any file from the site is achievable, but only by utilizing the proxies. Notwithstanding, you should understand that particular proxies don’t work while securing your online activities. For that reason, the utilization of VPN to unblock Extratorrent sites is a great option to keep your online activity secure.

Unblock Extratorrents
Unblock Extratorrents

Extratorrent proxies and mirror sites


Unblock using VPN

The best VPN is required to enable you to mask your IP address. The VPN enables torrenting, however, solely on servers in regions where torrenting is legal. Therefore, utilizing the VPN helps to offer supreme protection of all your online activities. Here is the step to access using VPN.

  1. Open VPN software on your device
  2. Connect with US proxy
  3. Open the link on the browser
  4. The website will start working

Additionally, you can try using other free VPN extensions available on firefox and chrome browser.


  • P2P based server
  • It has free storage
  • It possesses a simple layout and comes with an advanced search option.
  • It is easy and fast to download files.


  • Many Ads and Pop-ups
  • It sometimes redirects users to unwanted pages.

Alternative sites

The pirate bay

This is among the biggest, best, and oldest torrent websites. Currently, the site is not working; however, you can still mask your IP and access it through a proxy. The reason for the closure is the copyrighting issues. The good news is that despite the URL taken down for copyright issues, many clone websites are available on the internet.


RARBG is a popularly known website that offers TV shows and movies. Besides, it offers a screenshot of all the available TV shows and films to allow you to select and download, depending on your preference.


Currently, this website is doing very well. It has a lot of content and files for people to download. A native and clear design makes it easy to navigate. With its P2P masking features and magnet download, it becomes easier to download web series, software, movies, and games.


Originally called YIFY, this website started as a small group, and due to its popularity, YTS torrenting website was born. They have attracted many people, including authorities. Notwithstanding, it is still focused on offering quality content to the visitors. Basically, it utilizes the x264 encoding format, offering the visitors top-notch content than the most masking sites on the internet.

Extratorrent care

When using Extratorrent proxy, be sure to install the right anti-virus as most of the torrent files and documents are not scanned. Basically, the file you download might possess inbuilt harmful malware and viruses.


Extratorrent is among the best torrent sites worth to be considered. Although the mother website is currently not working, it is possible to access it using the proxy site. If you are looking forward to accessing and downloading blocked files, then you can consider using Extratorrent proxies. Consider checking the right one we’ve listed in this article.
But before utilizing any of the proxies mentioned above, consider investing in a good VPN.