Excess Calories From The Food

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Cholesterol and triglycerides are both different forms of fat that are found in the blood stream. Elevated levels of either cholesterol or triglycerides are high risk factors for heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. Although there are some unique risk factors that contribute to raising blood levels of either triglycerides or cholesterol, they mostly share the same risk factors. For the same reason, those who have high cholesterol levels almost always have high trigylceride levels too and vise versa. Just to note, that when we refer to high cholesterol here, we are always referring to LDL cholesterol, other wise known as ‘bad’ cholesterol. There are other kinds of cholesterol that are actually good for us.

Exercise If you are mostly interested in how to lower triglyceride levels naturally then regular exercise is one of the best methods. This is because excess calories from the food we eat, and especially excess calories in the form of sugar, is often turned into triglycerides in the blood. So the simple equation is that exercise burns calories which = less calories turning into triglycerides. Total cholesterol levels are almost always lower in those who exercise regularly too.

Saturated Fat Too much saturated fat in the diet is one of the more well known risk factors for developing high cholesterol. However, triglycerides levels are even more sensitive to excess saturated fat in the diet. Too much red meat and diary products that are not reduced fat are, by far, the main foods responsible for the most amount of saturated fat in the average persons diet. Swapping out red meat for fish and white meat and using reduced fat dairy products will go a long way to helping lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. There are other dietary choices too that are great foods that lower cholesterol naturally.

Tips For Losing Weight

The basic principal behind losing weight is pretty simple, but the actually application is a whole different matter. Losing weight isn’t the problem for most folks, its keeping it off that stumps the majority of people. It takes a certain degree of willpower to deal with weight problems in the most effective way, but more than that it requires good planning and patience. Losing weight should not be something you do once a year when your pants get too tight. It should instead be the by-product of healthy living that comes about automatically when you do all the little thing necessary to maintain yourself. Here are some basic weight loss tips that can get you started and later adapt to fit your situation.

  1. While you might want to keep an eye on your waistline, you should avoid going on the scale for the first little bit of weight loss. Otherwise it will be impossible not to get obsessed with what the scale reads, and during your first few weeks of weight loss it might fluctuate quite a bit. For now, consider it a waste of time and just stick with your plan.
  2. Eat out less and cook for yourself more. You might be shocked to find out exactly how many calories you consume when you eat out. And let’s not forget that it costs you more than cooking for yourself as well. You can save a lot of money each month by sticking to the grocery store, using coupons, and cooking your own meals.
  3. Make sure that you are realistic with your goals and don’t exceed losing two pounds a week. Anymore and you run the risk of throwing your body off kilter. Take it nice and easy and you’ll be more likely to have results that last in the long run.
  4. Keep a journal and record your progress. Use your journal as an information source so that you can adapt your plan if you need to. And make sure to record any other bits of inspiration, advice, or general tidbits that you find useful.
  5. Above all else, you will have to exercise! Just eating less will not produce the results you want because you will most certainly gain the weight back. So make sure to include a cardio workout and weight training program into your overall efforts by joining a gym or fitness studio. This way you will burn more calories and make yourself healthier on the whole. Remember, long term results come from effort and hard work so don’t take shortcuts.