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Several factors are acknowledged to be acne triggers and for a long time milk has in addition been said to be a trigger. One or two reports and studies testify to milk’s potential of causing acne. Here we will find out whether it is in charge of responsible for your unseemly pimples and zits.

It is a usually accepted fact that uncalled for sebum production is one of the real reasons for acne. It has been noted that milk has a role to play in the production of sebum. Milk has high content of male hormones more well known as androgens. Sebaceous glands tend to go in for an overdrive due to the high percentage of androgens in the body. Another male hormone that will trigger the production of sebum is testosterone. This testosterone is again present in huge amounts in milk. So consumption of milk can aggravate the conditions like plugging of skin pores and therefore ends in acne attacks.

Milk also contains the recombinant Bovine Enlargement Hormone and whey protein, every one of which are added in the processing stage and are known to cause acne. Most skin professionals advise against the use of whey protein by people who suffer from acne. Therefore, if you are already afflicted by acne, you may need to cut back on your intake as it may irritate the condition further.

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However, even with these seemingly nasty substances, milk cannot be considered unconditionally bad. You must remember that there are one or two people the world over who drink milk daily and have never had to deal with so much as a single zit. Also, no study has yet conclusively managed to prove that milk triggers the condition and therefore, cannot be blamed only.

However, If you are certain that your acne issues have been caused by milk, you can try getting rid of all dairy foods from your diet. If you see an enhancement in your condition after this measure, you can desist from consuming milk altogether. If you’d rather not give it up absolutely, you can substitute the kind of milk you usually drink with some other type- for e.g.- try drinking goat’s milk instead of cow’s. However,If there is no discernable improvement to your condition after banning milk products from your diet, it probably means you can go on consuming them as they’re not what was the acne breakout in the 1st place.

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So, if you think milk is the main culprit behind your acne breakout, by all means, eliminate it from your diet. However, Do don’t forget to use a useful anti acne solution as well for quick and convenient resolution of your condition.