Engagement Ring vs Wedding Band What’s The Difference?

Women start flying around the moment the thought of engagement and wedding crosses their minds. The moment a woman enters into a relationship with a man she secretly fantasizes about how her life would be when they get married and have kids, most men do the same but their thoughts are reserved on a completely different entity. Women plan about their weddings since the time they were little girls.

Discussing about their wedding gowns, their hairstyles for long hair, the kind of jewelry they would have and the kind of wedding setup they will plan. Everything is indeed like a fairytale for them and many are lucky enough to find the man who promises them a completion of every fantasy they have ever had about their wedding. Even when it comes to love and finding the right man, having an extravagant and grand wedding doesn’t seem to matter at all. Happiness and making memories is what costs a great life for them.


Many couples look up to moving a step ahead in their relationship and share a sense of commitment towards each other this is when a guy actually steps up and invests his savings into buying the most desirable engagement ring for her fiancé to be in pursuit to propose to her and expect a ‘Yes’ coming from her. Men these days, in the world of internet and social media go haywire to create the best proposal for the woman they love and they go to extreme measures in terms of directing their final act. There are numerous proposal videos that are so inspiring to see and are also kind of cute because you can actually live up to their moment of excitement and live along with them. What’s most important about proposing is to find the best engagement ring and here is when the confusion actually begins. We have seen numerous queries over the internet trying to find the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band and here’s a very simple explanation on both to help you chose the best ring for your fiancé and future wife-to-be.

1. History of the Rings:

Every tradition has its own history attached to it. Exchanging rings at the time of weddings or proposing with a ring isn’t something invented in the 21st century. The root of the tradition is found to be somewhere around ancient Rome and even after ancient Egyptians and Greeks are found to have followed the tradition of proposing their prospective wives with rings. When a man kneels down on his feet, holding her woman’s hand in his and questions her in the sweetest way, ‘if she is willing to be his wife’ is something blissful and couples have been cherishing these moments for centuries. The tradition to have the engagement ring placed on the third finger of the left hand is also part of following age old traditions where we have seen our great ancestors following the same ancient pattern and we too do the same. Wedding rings on the other hand are part of the wedding ceremony. These rings are exchanged while the Bride and the Groom are standing inside the church and are saying their vows. The exchange of wedding bands is as if they show case locking their commitment and their efforts to stick to their vows inside these bands and then slide it down their partner’s finger. The ritual to exchange wedding bands on weddings is followed by people across the globe irrespective of race, culture and religion.

1. Difference in Design:

People often confuse between the two rings thinking that both the rings appear to be the same in terms of their design. This information is absolutely incorrect; there is a lot of difference between an engagement and a wedding ring in terms of their design. An engagement ring is a lot fancier and quite expensive in comparison to a wedding band which is minimalistic in its design. It has been noted that traditionally a guy invests about 2-3 months of salary into an engagement ring since, in today’s social world to flaunt a heavily studded diamond ring ensures and shows off the financial state of the Groom to-be. Both the Bride’s and the Groom’s family flaunt the engagement rings to their family and friends at the time of the announcement. So an engagement ring is very intricately designed and is often studded with a solitaire (a single heavy diamond) that catches the eye of anyone who dares to stare. The overall roundness of the engagement ring is also tapered from different sides and we witness that it isn’t the same in shape from all sides. Whereas, a wedding band (just as the word band indicates) is often a very simple equally round ring that isn’t as embellished as an engagement ring. For most couples the wedding bands are often simple gold/silver/platinum rings with no embellishments. This is done to elaborate the importance and worth of the engagement ring since, both the rings are to be worn on the same side of the hand.

1. The Need to Wear Both Rings:

A woman’s love for jewelry is universal and hence to question if she will be wearing both or just one of the rings is actually pretty unnecessary. During the wedding ceremony the Bride switches her beloved engagement ring on to the 3rd finger of her right hand making new room for an even valuable ring, the Wedding Band! Most jewelers provide a set of synchronized engagement and wedding rings so the Bride has an absolutely adorable set to wear and flaunt and she doesn’t have to worry about any mismatch. But this is completely up to the couple to decide what they prefer as many couples later on sit and mutually sought out the designs for their wedding bands. One might ask, if men also receive an engagement ring? Traditionally, it is the man who asks for a woman for her hand in marriage and thus only the woman receives an engagement ring while the man receives only a wedding band at the time of the ceremony. However, there are a few men who are trying to amend the tradition by buying an equally important and extravagant engagement ring for them. Though, the ratio of such men is likely less and depends highly upon your financial conditions and personal interests.

Engagements and weddings are tremendously valuable events in a couple’s life. Hence, to adorn it with the most expensive (not necessarily) and thoughtful piece of jewelry is every man’s and woman’s fantasy. If you are one of the lucky ones to have been proposed then our advice is to stick to your commitments wholeheartedly as your partner truly deserves your love and loyalty.

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