Expensive Energy Revolution

Individuals can feel it now; households will register it soon be more sustainable: the so abruptly announced by Chancellor Merkel, yes by ‘Geboxte energy revolution’ – that is, the end of the atom for Germany – is expensive. Even super expensive.

Per household, the experts estimate that there will be the more current cost of 250 euros per year, more even more. The Merkelsche “Stop nuclear” does not only mean the end of nuclear power in Germany. More alarming: The atomic research, as such, is to be found on the index.

And Germany may one day come to be even more expensive than the shutdown of nuclear power plants. Sun, wind, and water, finally, according to experts worldwide, can also, given rapidly and steadily increasing population, not satisfy the energy needs alone.

151 new nuclear plants planned

What had been intended as and hoped that other States, namely connect large numbers of the example of Germany, was a false hope. The opposite is the case! The rest of the world courted the atom positively, and you do not like that in Germany want to take note of or even negate – the fact is, after all, that the world, 151 new nuclear power plants are planned, some directly at Germany’s borders.

Also, dozens of existing foreign nuclear power plants are being modernized, which their originally planned life extended. To meet a typical German objection: These figures do not come from the “nuclear lobby,” but from Bulletin 12/2011 (“Global Energy Supply”), the independent organization “Swiss electricity congress.” Title of this analysis: “Despite Kagoshima: The world stands by nuclear energy.”

Expensive Energy Revolution
Nuclear Power Plant

Revolutionary nuclear energy research

Because natural gas and coal as well as petroleum “finally” are, the latter is also harmful to the environment, will be continued in many states, nuclear research, and to do it to always new and safer forms of energy. Are leaders in these areas, the “New York Times” in a study of their science experts Justin Gillis, the U.S., and China.

Shall elaborate Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world and founder of Microsoft, along with the multi-talented Nathan Myhrvold on nuclear fission reactors which are ‘fed’ with today’s nuclear waste and in this way produce electricity.

Of its assets, which are estimated at $ 60 billion, Gates has invested hundreds of millions in this project, which would also be in a position to solve the problem of the storage of nuclear waste – they are “burned” just to power “made.”

For the realization of this project, Gates and Myhrvold founded the company Terra Power. It is led by the energy veteran John Gilleland and currently employs 60 people.

Another revolutionary plan pursued by the U.S. company Lockheed Martin, in their secret research centers was once the U2 spy plane was developed. Here we are working on a new form of nuclear reactors, which, based on hydrogen, created heavier elements by which electricity can be generated.

Still appears futuristic projects of nuclear expert Kirk Sorensen, who wants to come with his company Flibe Energy in Alabama based on thorium nuclear fusion. As you’re here, read our article on Solar Energy.