Elite Martial Arts raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

We would like to thank each and every one who participated in our “Kick For St. Jude 2009” Fundraiser. Words cannot express our gratitude for your outpouring of support and care for this wonderful cause. Our original goal of $3,000.00 was blown away, and thanks to the hard work of you and our families here at Elite, we raised $7,338.00! This is not a final amount, as donations are still coming in. In addition to donations, over 50 students came to the Kick-A-Thon, last Saturday, and kicked 1,001 kicks. It was such a blast.

Martial Art
Martial Art

We’re Suprised

Everyone did sets of 25 kicks, rotating round kicks, front kicks, side kicks, back kicks, and a final flying side kick to reach the 1,001 mark. We will have pictures up on the website soon for everyone to see. Everyone who came showed tremendous heart and determination in kicking each kick, knowing that every kick was done for a child who was very sick. After every set of 100 kicks the entire group of students and teachers would just erupt in applause and jump up and down. The excitement grew as we neared the 500 mark. Everyone was surprised that they indeed could make it that far.

Determination and Excitement

The determination and excitement continued to grow with each additional 100 kicks. Instructors and students were high-fiving each other after each round. The last 25 kicks were the most memorable, then the final 5 which the entire group counted down together loudly- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!! It was perhaps one of the most memorable moments of my life. Something great had been accomplished and every student there from the youngest 4 year old to the adults were so proud to have made it and that they had given their biggest black belt heart and effort. It didn’t end there though. A final kick… Each student took a turn running down the mat and doing a flying side kick to the large wavemaster. Everyone cheered each other on as they made their last kick the best one for St. Jude. Each student who kicked, received a Gold Role Model star!

We know that many students had to work or had games that day and were unable to attend. We thank you for the donations you provided, though, and for helping in that way.

Thank You, Thank You And Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for making our 2009 Black Belt Service Event one to truly remember. We are looking forward to 2010, and hope that each student will be able to participate again. For all of you who participated either through donations or kicks, we have a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of Elite Martial Arts, which you can receive during your next class in the studio.

Again, thank you. You truly have shown us here at Elite that you have the “HEART OF A BLACK BELT”.