Easy Steps to Measure Eczema

Dermatitis or eczema refers to a skin condition that could make one’s life a living hell by the discomfort it produces. Despite the many eczema cures now available in drug stores, many people still show little responsiveness to treatments and face the condition on a daily basis.


Skin Soothing

The skin soothing is one first aim of eczema cures because the itching can be impossible and the infections it opens the door too may establish more difficult to treat. As this condition’s main symptom is dryness and redness of the skin, eczema cures include as their main part, lotions and creams/ointments meant to moisturize the skin. It is better to apply these solvents when the skin is damp, that is after taking baths or showers; thus the skin will retain the moisture more easily. Always pat the skin dry after showering because rubbing and scrubbing with a towel may aggravate the condition. Cold compresses are also useful in relieving itching.

Many eczema cures such as ointments and creams can be bought as over-the-counter medication without requiring any form of prescription. The major ingredient in such products is hydrocortisone with an anti-inflammatory role. In cases of severe eczema, oral corticosteroids are prescribed and sometimes even antibiotics will be necessary to kill bacteria which cause infections.

Antihistamines For Itching

Antihistamines represent very efficient eczema cures too, particularly to fight back the itching. There are tar treatments (products containing chemicals meant to deal with itching), photo-therapy (a therapy which uses ultraviolet light applications) and, for patients whose condition does not respond to other treatments, there is a drug called cyclosporine. In the realm of eczema remedies we should not forget about approved topical immuno-modulators (TIMs) which are used in the treatment of more serious eczema cases. Skin creams like Elidel and Protopic can be applied to made areas of skin to alter the immune system’s response and keep flare-ups. However, the FDA warns doctors to prescribe these two creams with caution as there are interests regarding possible cancer risk in connection with their use.

Home Treatments

An essential part in eczema cures is described by home treatments. Self-care at home involves some advice and rules of conduct that will help prevent the occurence and development of the condition. Thus, keep dust away from the living environment, replace baths with warm showers, wear only cotton clothes and avoid skin contact with household cleaning subject matters.

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