How To Earn Money Fast

In this day and age, everyone wants things to get faster and faster, especially when it comes to earning money. But if you want to learn how to earn fast, you first have to learn how to earn money in the first place. It’s not like you learned to run before you walked, and learning how to make some money online or offline is the same thing.

You may have heard of other people who are either more experienced (or luckier) in this field, say that they know how to earn money fast. In most cases, I believe them, but it isn’t realistic for someone just starting. If you want to earn money quickly, buy a lottery ticket!

Basic principles

If you genuinely want to make money online or offline, you’ve got to learn a few basic principles. The first principle is that you should pay yourself first.

How To Earn Money Fast

What this means is that whenever you earn money from anywhere, be it from a regular job or online ventures, you should aim to use that money to pay off any outstanding debts or expenses that you may have. Once you do this, you’ll learn how to manage your money better.

The second principle is to be focused on. This is probably the essential principle in life, and not just for learning how to earn money fast. Many people fail to achieve their goals before they get distracted and sidetracked so easily.

Or worse still, people who originally had good intentions got distracted in life and are now paying the price because they lost focus on what their life’s purpose was. If you aim to achieve one single thing a day and not put it off and get distracted, then you will achieve great things in the future.

Never give up!

The third principle is never to give up. On your journey to making money online, you’ll encounter many obstacles, including buying into scammy products, getting scammed from those working for you. People pretend that they care for you when they don’t, not having enough money, losing money, people mocking you on how you’re wasting your time trying to make money online, etc. etc.

The list goes on and on. But if you give up at any point, then all your efforts will be in vain, and those who put you down will always think that they are right, when in fact, they had no reason to be right.

Think and Grow Rich

If you’ve ever read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, then you should. Not only does it tell you how to become rich, but it is a highly motivational book in case you’re ever confronted with many obstacles and are feeling down. One of the stories that Hill recounts is of a man who had heard about a gold rush happening.

So, this man and his uncle asked their relatives to give some money to them so that they can create a machine to drill down the ores and harvest the gold so that they could get rich. The relatives agreed and gave them the money, but they had to reimburse them later on.

When they reached the mine area, they heard about a giant hunk of gold somewhere in there. So, the man and his uncle work all day and night, drilling down the earth, trying to find this hidden jackpot. After days and weeks of searching, they admitted failure to finding the ore and returned home, with a massive debt in their hands. They also sold their machine to someone else who has even heard about the giant piece of gold.

This man went back to where the other man and uncle were drilling and, after some extra digging, was able to retrieve the hidden jackpot. So, some guy who buys the drilling machine from a man and his uncle works on a gold mine for only a couple days, gets to spend the rest of life in luxury.

Don’t lose hope

Now that’s good fortune for you! What’s more is that, had the man and the uncle drilled 3 inches deeper than their attempts, they would have gotten the hidden jackpot for themselves.

So this is why you must not ever give up. It’s a long way of saying it, and in fact, there are many more long stories about this kind of thing in Think and Grow Rich, but it’s worth knowing it. And just me, this is just the start on how to earn money fast!

None of the things I said here are BS. Ask any wealthy person about how they got rich, and they’ll tell you the same things that I’ve just said, maybe even more. Even someone who won the lottery will say to you that they never gave up buying lottery tickets and were focused on their goal of winning the lottery!