how to earn money blogging in wordpress

If you want to make money blogging on the internet, you will need to realize that it is not as hard as most people think. Sure, it might take a bit of time to master, but that is with everything in life. The good thing is that it only takes most people days or weeks to start seeing immediate results through writing a blog, or twenty blogs if you want even more cash.

People blog full-time!

Many, many people make money blogging. They don’t just make a little; there are bunches who tend to make enough to stay at home all day and work for themselves.

While not everybody will become insanely rich while writing their blogs, you can very easily and quickly work your way up to a nice paycheck every week in no time at all. To do this, you will need a quick rundown of what to expect and the basics that will help you far into the future.

WordPress, the savior!

First, you will need to know the best place to set up your blog if you want to make money blogging. The best place that I have found for a multitude of reasons has been WordPress. They have everything on their websites, which makes it very easy for even the newest of newcomers to set up multiple blogs in minutes.

You can make your blog look exactly like you want with minimal work. Not only that, but there is also something that will help you out even more.

Google loves WordPress

The thing that helps you make money blogging with WordPress is the fact that the search engines love them. This means that WordPress blog tends to pull up very high in the search results of Google and Yahoo when people search for your keywords/subject.

You see, search engines will be a big part of your audience. A large percentage of people who find your blog will be from the search engines. You will want to pick a couple of the main keywords for your niche, such as “fantasy football insider,” and make sure it is prominent in your blog title and the text in the central part of your blog.

Affiliate marketing

Last but not least, you will need to promote products as an affiliate to make money blogging. To make money blogging on the web, there is no better way to do it than selling other people’s products. Sure, you can set up Google Adsense ads (I am sure you have seen them everywhere), but that is something that you should leave for when you have mastered the industry.

Promoting and advertising products on your blogs as an affiliate is easily the best way to make good cash. You can incorporate the products into your blogs where you see fit, and you can also put some links on the sides of your blogs.

how to earn money blogging in wordpress

You will also want to make sure the products you pick are something that the reader will want to try. If you need a massive list of the thousands of affiliate products out there to promote and make money blogging, go to ClickBank or

These are the vital basics when you want to make money blogging on the internet, so you can have a strong foundation with which to build upon.

Shared Vs. Dedicated Web Hosting

There are various types of web hosting options, among which the Shared and Dedicated web site hosting are quite popular. Here is a brief account of both types so that the website owners can select the one suiting your needs.

how to earn money blogging in wordpress

On the Internet, most of the websites are hosted on shared servers, which means the same server is hosting the sites of several companies. The files of more than three or four websites containing their images, audio, and codes, etc. are saved on the server.

Shared hosting is affordable

Hence shared web site hosting can be defined as providing a server that hosts multiple websites. It is prevalent in the world of web site hosting because the cost involved is meager. And the server is also very dedicated, which normally functions smoothly without causing any hindrances.

For small and medium businesses, “Shared Web Hosting” is sufficient and probably the best option available. The results revealed by the recent surveys have shown that 70% of the clients in the business world choose shared web hosting.

With affordability comes problems

Though shared website hosting seems an effective option, it can sometimes cause noticeable problems. The security of the Web site can be a significant concern as all the services and ports are exposed in one server. The Hacking Community can be a threat to these websites that are on shared web site hosting.

An attack on a single service such as SQL injection can break down the security of your website as they are based on the same platform. Another commonly noticed problem is the slow loading of the website as it is a part of the “Multiple Hosting Service” that may run at the same time.

How to Earn Money Blogging in WordPress

Dedicated hosting is more reliable

Dedicated Website Hosting can be defined as a type of website hosting, which is secured, updated, and controlled according to the load balancing of a Web Site. It is mainly used for web servers that need to stay online 24/7. It comes with security patches. Dedicated web hosting is the best choice for anything but gaming and personal web servers.

On a single server, the cost difference between Dedicated and shared web site hosting is tiny for business organizations. But on a large server cluster, shared website hosting is more cost-effective. But other than that, Dedicated web hosting is always more reliable.

Fast loading websites

The Web Sites load very quickly, which brings satisfaction for the clients. The security measures are also very good in Dedicated web site hosting as it runs on a single server.

how to speed up web page loading time

Most big companies go for Dedicated web hosting as it provides them with speed, reliability, and hacking free environment wherein all the data stored are secured, and the load balancing is also very effective. Big companies prefer this kind of website hosting, even if the cost is a little high.

Before choosing between “Shared Web Hosting” and “Dedicated Website Hosting,” it is always advisable to understand the need or purpose of the website. Before opting for any of these two services, you should compare both of them according to your needs and then find out if it is meeting your requirements or not. Your researches into the matter will surely pay off, and you will end up choosing the right web hosting for yourself.