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Ive been doing what I call The Battaglia thing on my litters for some time now and at present I have a Dachshund litter. When I first saw the article, I wanted to try it and see. I dont have litters often but I do notice a positive difference. In the past I automatically handled the puppies in such a manner. When I read the article I was thrilled to learn I was doing good because I was criticized for handling my puppies like that  turning them upside down etc. I do think its important to follow the instructions in the article to the letter!!

A more detailed description of the exercises below may be found in Dr. Battaglia’s article “DEVELOPING HIGH ACHIEVERS”.

I thought after reading the article, doing what I was already doing in a regimental manner made a lot of sense to me. Its hard for me to put a finger on the differences in the pups but there is a difference.

With this Dachshund litter, the owners of the sire have been visiting regularly. On one visit (pups 20 days) I was showing and talking about the Battaglia program and suggesting they do it with their upcoming litter. They said they would do it because my puppies were the most advanced at this age that they had ever seen to date.

I find that the puppies do learn easier, theyre more alert and notice things quicker and they handle new things better. They definitely handle stress situations throughout life better. I think they are more advanced by being more agile. This program is a good start in life for them and also for our next steps which Darlene Young and I will be sharing with you next. Darlene and I have been sharing our methods for some time now through the DPCA Education at Nationals. Personally I think every litter born should have their breeders do this technique. It is fun to take notes on each pup and follow through and watching into their lives.

Darlene has been doing this on her litters for some time now too. Of course, Ive shared this with anybody who will listen and have rave reviews from those whove done it. I will try to have them share their experiences and thoughts.

published in the Winter 1997 Dachshund Review

written & submitted by Marj Brooks, USA



from Deidre Wilsey-Koski

Dr. Battaglias early stimulation theory for neonatal puppies followed by the Rules Of Seven proved to be very beneficial for me in raising my last litter of Dobermans. Their growth stages, both neurologically and physically, were far more advanced than past litters.

Although I saw some of the usual red flags, that can cause me concern, I feel, that with minimal effort, we overcame them much easier.

These puppies are now almost 5 months old and have a better attention span which helps them learn faster. They have excellent coordination and adapt to new situations with less stress which helps them to be outgoing and easily socialized.

I will continue to use it in the future as I have found it to be a very helpful tool in raising well rounded and eager to learn puppies.

1 from Alva Keesal to Patty Smith

He is so confident. I came to the BIG GATES and asked Robbie to put him down. Watched him for a few minutes then entered. He came over to check ME OUT!! I asked him to follow me and he did with no hesitation. I made them take him into the house so he could sleep. They said he sleeps every 20 minutes….I said he’s a puppy and that’s what they need to do. Then he became really serious about sleep. His blanket you sent was right in front of the fireplace. He was out in no time. Do not worry. I think he will be the dominant one but I also think Fritz will let him. I warned them of this possibility. It will take time to see. Not to worry now. They will not be physically together until the ears are done. They promised me. God what a great temperament. So good to see…

2 from Alva Keesal to Patty Smith

This puppy is so outgoing, SO NOT afraid of anyone or anything. He was chasing leaves that were blowing around the yard. He was never concerned that he couldn’t turn his back on anyone or on Fritz. Fritz was kept outside the gates. The little guy was fence barking at ‘the big dog’. I think Brutus will be the dominant dog. I will monitor that as I will be doing the ears for a while. The last thing the new owners said to me after thanking me two zillion times was…..”This will be the best dog we ever had!” How is that for a great future. I know you will miss him but be sure he is in a great place.

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