4 Answers To Common Concerns By Men About Early Ejaculation

What happens when you last no longer than a few minutes during sex? In most cases, you will try to find out the real cause of the problem. At this point, you develop so many questions that you would like answered but don’t know who to ask because you can’t ask your friends for fear of embarrassment. But now that you are already here let’s address some of these questions clouding your mind right now.

Improve ejaculation control, exercises, or medication?

Firstly, you need to understand that there is no real medical explanation for premature ejaculation. In short, early ejaculation is not a disease and, therefore, no medical cure. In most cases, the condition is a result of weak pelvic muscles, a condition that cannot be corrected medically. Most of the medicinal drugs in the market today only serve to increase the flow of blood to the genitals.

4 Answers To Common Concerns By Men About Early Ejaculation

In the short run, these drugs help you maintain an erection for a few more minutes during intercourse, but this is only temporary. This leaves exercise as the only valid solution if you wish to prevent incidences of premature ejaculation permanently.

How tough and time-consuming are these exercises?

Considering the immense benefits you stand to gain by mastering the art of controlling ejaculation, you shouldn’t be worried about the time or effort it will take you to get there. Nevertheless, let us take a look at it. Some exercises, such as the Kegel, can eat into your time, especially considering that they require consistency.

However, the best part is that they are easy to learn and can be incorporated into your everyday activities. This means that you can still exercise while traveling, at the office, or even when watching TV for just 5 to 10 minutes a day. I am sure that doesn’t sound as much hustle.

Can I control ejaculation by thinking about it?

It is not that easy, and even with the highest willpower and consciousness, it remains practically impossible. Why? Because premature ejaculation is a habit learned with time. If you masturbated a lot in your teenage days where you only concentrated on quick ejaculation and satisfaction, your brain must have adjusted your ejaculation needs.

It may, therefore, take some time to unlearn these habits through consistent exercises and not even the greatest will power to hold back ejaculation will help you last longer.

Still possible to sexually satisfy your partner?

Most people experiencing a similar condition are doing it and so can you. Keep in mind that lasting longer doesn’t always guarantee satisfaction to your sexual partner. There are several ways through which you can bring your woman to orgasm even with your premature ejaculation.

For instance, ensure that you engage your woman in steamy foreplay that brings her to climax and orgasm even without penetration. Oral sex is also another surefire when it comes to bringing your woman to ejaculation. The trick here lies in getting your woman as close to climax as possible before instituting vaginal penetration.

This ensures that even during your seemingly short stay, you will still be able to get your woman to orgasm. Read our article on Male sexuality facts here.