Dude Perfect: Angry Birds Meets Stardunk

If you haven’t heard of Dude Perfect, it definitely time you checked them out. Essentially they are a excited rabble of YouTubers who pull off some truly incredible basketball trick shots. Have a look at their YouTube channel but be sure to come back, okay?

Back? Great! The Dudes thought it high time to release an official mobile game based on their bodacious basketballing exploits. Dude Perfect, available on both Android and iOS, is the result, and it’s a neat little game that fans of titles like Angry Birds should be flocking to.


Essentially it’s your turn to complete some genuinely awesome basketball shots in a variety of diverse locations. But is it actually ‘perfect’? Read on for my analysis…

Opening Play

Dude Perfect is a brightly coloured, physics-based basketball game which has recently been released on Android and iOS. You get the opportunity to attempt crazy basketball shots in a variety of locations, including a Backyard, Ranch, Camp, Amusement Park, City and even Space! There are about 15 levels per location and these get more difficult to complete as you progress through them.

Adjust arrow length and direction to determine trajectory

The focus is on bouncing the ball off a variety of items before it goes into the basket. For each item the ball hits you are awarded a certain number of points. You also get points for completing the shot, and for each of your leftover balls (you get three per level). You must score a minimum of points to unlock the next level.

This actually makes for some superb gameplay. You can’t just sink the ball, you have to make sure it bounces off as many things as it takes to pass the level. You might just bounce it off the ground or hurl the ball at any number of items in the playing environment. Clouds can be hit, as can overhead planes, balloons and loads more. The ball must still end up in the hoop, but the levels are quite kind so as long as the ball ends up in the vicinity of the basket it should go in… put it this way: I’ve never pulled off an massive scoring attempt only for the ball to hit the ring and pop out, so it’s quite generous.

Using a bowling ball, mid-shot view

Controls and Options

The controls are simple and intuitive. Drag your finger back along the screen to control an arrow which will determine the ball’s trajectory. Depending on how far you move your finger you can increase or decrease the shot’s power. Then all you need to do is let go (and cross your fingers)! You get three balls per level, but it’s a challenging game, so get used to trying a few times.

You can also play a two player ‘pass-and-play’ mode. Here you get three balls and your scores are accumulated if you make the shot. Pretty cool for competitive multi-player basketballing on the go.

Tutorial screen gives players a good idea of how it all works

One of the game’s highlights is the ability to replay your best shots. In the Level Complete menu there is a tab which shows your last basket, and you can save these for prosperity. Also in this menu you can choose from any of the Dude Perfect characters to play the next level. There’s Tyler, Garrett, Cory, Coby and Cody. There’s also Panda and Tyreke, but you need to unlock them. Perhaps just as cool is the ability to try out different balls. There’s a beach ball which is far lighter and can travel further, and a bowling ball which is useful for knocking down objects but not great for distance.

Choose your player and ball type

Visuals and Sound

The visuals are relatively basic compared to some of the 3D eye-candy now available in the Google Play Store. However, everything is bright and primary coloured and certainly lots of fun. The cartoon graphics are pretty good and if you’re familiar with the Dude Perfect videos you can pretty much identify the characters.

Despite the 2D nature of these graphics it has to be said that the menus, sub-menus and in-game animations are as slick as you can get. For example, when you hit an object the points scored are shown in fading digits. There is real polish here and the visuals are spot-on for the kind of game Dude Perfect is.

The sound is immaculate throughout the game. There’s awesome music during the menus and gameplay, and although it seems to be on a loop it never becomes irritating or monotonous. The sound effects are expansive and can be found throughout the game, from the level select screens and menus to the whooping yells when you make a basket.

Small Technical Fouls

I did identify a tiny issue in the game that was a little annoying at times. Very occasionally the screen seemed to become unresponsive for a period. To get around this you need to tap the back button or reload the level. This didn’t happen too often, but it was incredibly frustrating when it did.

One other issue that I initially found bewildering – but subsequently found a solution for – was the fact that sometimes you know the ball is going nowhere near the basket, but it’s still bouncing around hitting things for quite a while before it rests. Fortunately, you can pause the game and ask for the next ball, which thankfully saves a lot of time.

There are several characters to choose from, but others can be unlocked via in-app purchases.

You have to pay for Dude Perfect (there’s currently no free or lite version) but it’s not too expensive. However, there are additional in-app purchases for extra players and levels. You can also get a level editor this way too. I thought this was a bit cheeky, seeing as you already pay for the game – purchasing an extra choice of player costs exactly the same as the game did itself! I just think you should just be able to unlock these via playing the game well rather than being forced into your wallet again.

Similar Physics-Based Games

It’s difficult not to draw comparisons between Dude Perfect and Angry Birds. Both are insanely addictive and difficult to put down. They also share a similar feel in terms of looks and controls and obviously both feature physics-based gameplay.

You can tell immediately that a lot of thought and development went into the physics elements of Dude Perfect. There are real differences between the kinds of ball you can choose and each has its own properties when being used. The other game Dude Perfect reminded me of was Stardunk, the astral multi-player that should be far more popular than it actually is. This too includes different balls to use and also features a very accurate and distinctive physics engine.

If pushed I would suggest that Dude Perfect is a canny mashup of both of these titles. It has the strategy, addictiveness and overall challenge of the Angry Birds series of games, alongside the blissful enjoyment of hitting incredible basketball shots that can be found in Stardunk.

Final Quarter

Dude Perfect is a genuinely enthralling game. It’s highly addictive and difficult to put down. There are around 80 different levels to play through and, with seven characters and three ball types to use, there’s a huge amount of gaming to be had before you can really say you’ve exhausted it. Being an intoxicating blend of Angry Birds and Stardunk, Dude Perfect definitely has a winning combination and, with the right hype, I think it could be the next big mobile gaming smash.