Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors GameBoy Advance (GBA) Review at Next Level Gaming!

As most of you may know I used to be a fan of the Dragon Ball Z series. After the show was brought to the states and butchered (the Mister Satan name change in the US cartoon really killed me) I pretty much kept to my old Japanese videos and never really watched the US versions. I have also seen many Dragon Ball Z games come and go. While it seemed that Atari had finally gotten it right in terms of a 3D fighting game (in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2) there have been quite a few Game Boy Advance games released as well.


The last game was OK but the fighting engine was really stiff and the graphics leaved much to be desired. Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors comes out of nowhere and actually took me by surprise. This game has everything that all of the other Dragon Ball Z 2D games have lacked over the years.

Fighting In The Skies

One of the coolest things about Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is that now your fighters will actually be fighting mostly in the skies. But unlike Dragon Ball Z games of the past, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors actually works like a charm. The controls are also very easy to get used to.

While the game is a button masher I found that moves can be pulled off so much easier. The D-pad basically moves your character around the screen. The A Button is your characters “Strong Attack” while the B Button acts as a “Weak Attack”. Holding down both A & B Button acts as your characters “Guard”. The R Button acts as your Ki. If you hold the button it will charge your Ki during battle. The L Button is the button that will swap your characters in the game. What I mean by this is if you choose Goku and Krillin, during the battle you can press the L Button to go back and forth between the two characters.

Different Game Modes

You can also double tap the D-pad to get a sprint towards the enemy you are fighting. Your characters can also pull off special moves to its enemies as well. Some of these moves are downright nasty and will seriously pound them into dog meat. Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is filled with a few different game modes. These modes are Story Mode, which is the meat of this game cart. Basically what you do in Story Mode is pick a character and go to battle on various planets. As you fight in Story Mode you will take on various characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe. The story will be played out with some very nice cinemas.

You will also be able to join up with a few characters as well to take on bad guys like Cell, Dr.Gero, Buu, Frieza and more. There is also Training mode, to learn more about each character more. You can practice or you can go through a Tutorial in Training Mode to help you more with moves, etc. Z Battle Mode is basically a 1 on 1 and Team Battle, where you can pick up to three fighters as your group. Link VS Mode is the mode where you and a friend of yours who has a Game Boy Advance can go head to head in a little friendly competition. And last but not least is the Options. You can change your settings, check out ranks of fighters and you can also go into what is called Shop. This is very cool because while you play the game you can earn points.

Various Characters

The Shop will allow you to go in and open various characters, character levels, new storylines and so much more. And believe me, there are many characters that you can open up in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors. All of your favorites from Krillian to Buu. Graphics The graphic engine of Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is actually very impressive. While your fighters are fighting you will see the land in the back groung move back and forth, side to side. The results are very impressive and really gives the game a feel that your two fighters are really kicking some butt in the sky.

The characters in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors all look and animate beautifully as well. The can move around the screen fast and furious. You can This game is without a doubt the best looking Dragon Ball Z game for the Game Boy Advance. As with many Games, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors just looks beautiful on the Game Boy Advance SP system. The small screen gives the player a game that is full of color, great character animation, and detail. Everything looks great, from the in-game fighting all the way to the game menus. Even the main title screen is very impressive with the water and the clouds in the sky zooming at you.


Overall, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is the best-looking Dragon Ball Z game to date on the Game Boy Advance. I hope Atari and Banpresto keeps this game engine with the next Dragon Ball Z fighting game. It really does kick some butt and I would love to see more games like this one. Great job guys! Music and Sound: The music in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors fits the game perfectly. While it is nothing that you would listen to every day on the way to work, it is very suitable for the game and the Dragon Ball Z world.

I really wish that when they brought the Dragon Ball series over to the United States, that they kept some of th egreat music from the series. Sure it was in Japanese, but it really rocked. The music in the US version is OK, but the original Japanese songs are still the best. With that being said, the music in this game has the same sound as those songs found in the US television version. The game also features some of the characters grunts and yells during gameplay, which is a nice treat on a Game Boy Advance game. The developers could have taken the easy way out and just threw in a bunch of lame sounds, but Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors features a very solid sound library.

The developers really shower some care in making this game. The sounds and music in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors are very solid. The Bottom Line: All I can say is “WOW”! Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors really came out of nowhere and impressed me. I was extremely disappointed in the last Dragon Ball Z game for the Game Boy Advance. Atari and Banpresto has shown me the way and I was very impressed with almost every aspect of Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors. It is a very fun game that is easy to pick up on the controls. The graphics look amazing and the new engine is very sweet.

Even the games menus are impressive. The whole package of Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is solid and worth the price of admission. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z then you MUST own this great title. Hell, even if you are not a fan you still need to check out this great fighting title. Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is two thumbs up baby! Pros: Based on Dragon Ball Z. Fun as hell to play.

Easy controls to pick up. Beautiful graphics. Great new game engine that allows you to fight in the sky. Tons of hidden goodies and characters. Cons: It does become a button masher. Some may not like the Dragon Ball franchise.