DR-100 Epiphone Acoustic Guitars : Good For Beginners

Are you one of those people who are confused about choosing an excellent guitar for beginners? Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar could be one option for those who are confused in choosing their first guitar. I also felt the same way when I want to buy my first guitar. Epiphone is a reasonably considered brand; many people think that Epiphone is a cheaper version of Gibson so that the DR-100 is referred to as Gibson Epiphone acoustic guitar.

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic guitar First Impression

If viewed directly, DR-100 looks pretty vintage, vintage sunburn with a cool finish, which gives the effect of expensive on this guitar but at a low price. Vintage sunburn finish gives the impression of an instant rock to the player. Other things striking of this guitar, the headstock look like models les paul, so the added impression of rock on this guitar, for those who play music mellow should reconsider before buying this guitar, but if you are a beginner who wants to learn guitar without regard to aesthetics, buy this guitar!

You can see pictures of the DR-100 to be more clear, and then switch to sound from the DR-100. How is the sound produced by the DR-100’s? Does it sound like it looks even rock or sounds like a cheap guitar? It turns out the sound quality of the DR-100 is far from cheap, this guitar has a very good sound, it is because of the wood used by the DR-100’s. Epiphone still considers the sound quality of this guitar even though this guitar is in low-end. DR-100 uses mahogany wood on the body and its neck. While at the top of this guitar, composed of solid Spruce and rosewood fretboard, the results which came out from this guitar gives a clear sound with warm bass.

Epiphone Dr 100
Epiphone Dr 100

Smooth Action of Epiphone DR-100

Epiphone DR-100 has a dual-action truss rod steel, such as the high-end acoustic guitar, which has a truss rod in the neck to provide an action which is quite convenient. The Epiphone has set truss rod from the DR-100 before selling to the market, but we still can set its own high or low strings of the guitar fretboard. For fingerstyle players, they will certainly feel comfortable when playing this guitar. However, there are some acoustic guitar at a cheap price action that has strings to the fretboard is very high, thus causing our fingers sore and very uncomfortable to play.

Epiphone DR-100 also has a headstock with a slope of 14 degrees, which allows you to have more pressure on the nut, thus producing more sustain. But there is little shortfall owned Epiphone DR-100, a lot of complaints about the guitar string factory default; experienced people feel that a guitar string factory default feels a little buzzy. Do not panic; this can be overcome only by changing a guitar string factory default is with new acoustic guitar strings.

What About The Market Price?

DR-100 also uses a die-cast chrome tuners are durable and long-lasting. You do not need to worry; at low prices, you will still get a quality acoustic guitar of wood, truss rod setting up the sound produced. That is some advantages reviews and disadvantages of Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar; the time came at the price of this guitar, whether how cheap this guitar? Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is on sale in the market at a price of around $ 110. With a very low price for quality Epiphone acoustic guitar, I decide this guitar as one of the best mates for a beginner guitar player.

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