Unfolding the downloading secrets in torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a by-product of torrentz proxy. Torrentz2 was launched after the original version, which carried the domain name “torrentz,” got blocked as a result of legal matters. Torrentz2 has the same feature and functionalities as the original torrentz, only that it is a bit improved, but of course, for the better.

Torrentz2, unlike other torrent sites, doesn’t host individual torrents, but rather, it hosts more than eighty torrent websites. Because you cannot search a torrent directly through torrentz2, you can search it against the torrenting websites it contains. With such numerous torrent websites in it, torrentz2 has carried all the popularity among torrent lovers. In fact, you’ll hear its users call it “Google of torrents.” Everything, including music, movies, games, e-books, and even software, is available in torrentz2.

Perhaps you reside in a country where torrentz2 has been blocked. For this reason, you can only access the site through its proxies. A proxy serves to unblock the site so that you continue accessing the site.

Torrentz2 search engine

With the many torrentz2 search engines, you don’t have to be stuck because maybe the original site isn’t working. Torrent search engines are essential, particularly when the original site has been blocked. The search engines should carry the name of the original site, and the content should be exactly what is on the original website. These search engines are commonly known as proxies.

Torrentz2 proxy list


Why torrentz2 proxies keep changing

While accessing torrentz2 through proxy sites is common, some downsides come with the proxies. The shortcomings arise because the proxies are affiliated to torrentz, which was shut down for illegalities. The major shortcoming is that the proxies are a target for government agencies and worse though, they are also targeted by internet service providers.

Why Torrentz2 Proxies Keep Changing
Why Torrentz2 Proxies Keep Changing

You could be wondering why one or two of the proxy sites we’ve listed above could be working currently, but then in some days in the future, it doesn’t work. It’s because it could have been hunted and blocked too. Sometimes you find that a proxy might keep changing its URL to cope up with constant takedowns.

Maintaining a keen eye on the working proxy sites is an essential step to avoiding torrenting inconveniences. Remember also that not all proxies are safe; some are formed by internet pirates with malicious intentions of spreading malware or dangerous software that collect private information.

Downloading with torrentz2

Anyone seeking to download P2P torrent files should expect nothing less from torrentz2. Torrentz2 search engine is ultra-powerful, indexing millions of torrent files. A simple search of your torrent from torrentz2 will give you that exact torrent and/or related torrents. But how do you go about downloading torrents from torrentz2? Well, below we have provided a procedure not just to download torrents, but to download safe torrents. But first, there are a few precautions you must take before downloading to avoid the spread of malware into your device.

Torrentz2 downloading precautions

  1. Never download the first torrent file you find on any website including torrentz2
  2. Carefully inspect the specifications of each file. Check for its popularity, its health, and importantly know the individual files it carries.
  3. Use a VPN. A major reason for using a VPN is to encrypt your device’s internet connection. This is because internet service providers can track your browsing and hand over your personal data to third parties. Other reasons for using VPN include to protect your device from malware penetration and to change your IP.

Step-by-step guide: torrentz2 download procedure

  • Use your browser, search, and open torrentz2.eu. The page that opens is the new version of torrentz2 that is more improved and better as compared to the original version.
  • Torrentz2’s home page will display a search bar that will allow you to search for your preferred torrent. You should be able to see a list of torrents, with each torrent having a name. On the left side, you’ll also see the torrent size and number of seeders; all indicated right there.
  • If you have no torrent name in mind, you can proceed to the “mytorrentz” tab, which will list for you the verified torrentz2 torrent files that are safe for downloading.
  • Click on any torrent‘s name to see its overview. A list of torrent trackers will appear. Torrent trackers are simply individual torrent sites that host the file you’ve opened. Apparently, torrentz2 does not do file hosting on its own. It serves as a gateway to other individual torrent sites that host the files.
  • User feedback lies just below the tracker list. Read to know what the rest of the peers feel about the torrent file. If it’s good, they’ll leave positive comments. If it’s bad, there will be negative comments specifying the negativity, e.g., presence of malware, poor quality, presence of passwords, etc.
  • Right at the bottom of the page is the “torrent contents” section. Click this part to see all the files. Because these are individual files, you can take advantage of that by checking which files are suspicious. For instance, look if any of the files end with .exe or .bat. If any, avoid downloading such because they carry viruses.
  • Using your torrent client, download the file into your device. Then double click on it to see the torrent client that has been previously installed. It won’t take long before the client begins a search for seeders, and then the client will start to download the files.
  • Finally, after downloading all the files, seed the torrent. This is important as it will encourage other peers to download it.


Sometimes, it feels irritating always to visit the internet whenever you want to view something. That’s where the importance of downloading comes into play. With torrentz2, you can get all sorts of entertainment offline as long as you’ve downloaded them into your device. And oh, downloading cannot be good without the right precautionary measures. Thanks to torrentz2 for having many verified torrents. But that’s not enough; always remember to be safe using the above guidelines.
For faster and secure torrent download, consider the likes of using a reliable VPN.