Downhill Mountain Biking

Mountain biking over the years has evolved both as a sport and as a leisure time activity. Many people across various age groups have started pursuing this activity to experience the thrill of mountain biking. Apart from making an individual physically fitter, it also contributes towards an individual’s ability to be able to adapt to challenging conditions.

To make the experience of biking more exciting and challenging, various games have been introduced in mountain biking. These games have further resulted in more people pursuing mountain biking. As the competition has increased in these events, so has the enjoyment. The various games or events take place on different terrains depending upon the conditions and rules.

Downhill Mountain Biking

One such exciting event is the downhill mountain biking, which is a time trial event. As the name suggests, these events are held on downhill terrains where the uphill climb is significantly small. This results in higher speed and lesser time.

Downhill Mountain Biking
Downhill riding

Downhill mountain biking events are carried out in several countries like France, Austria, Italy, South Africa, and Russia, amongst others. The level of competition is quite good, and many events are close. For such events, downhill mountain bikes are most suitable since they are built, keeping in mind the requirements for such conditions.

Variety of bikes are used

Downhill bikes are highly stable at high speeds and corners. This makes their handling more comfortable and safer. They were not purpose-made till the 90’s and simple mountain bikes used for the purpose. Technically if one looks at the various features of a downhill bike, these days, they vary from 15 to 25 kg or 32 to 50 pounds. These bikes have full suspension along with frame geometries that are better than other mountain bikes.

Full suspension leads to more comfort, better shock-absorbing capabilities, and better handling. These bikes have hydraulic disc brakes having a diameter of around 8 inches. This helps in better control over the bike. For these downhill mountain bikes, the suspension travel is generally 8 inches, which might go up to 12 inches in case of big mountain free ride bikes.

Many manufacturers

There are several manufacturers for downhill mountain bikes. Each manufacturer claims to have some unique feature in the bike, which gives it a better performance than the other bikes. The name of the manufacturer may not be considered necessary as the features of the bike be. Since most of the manufacturers go for standardized production, one should not worry much about the manufacturer. However, if some beforehand information regarding any seller can be obtained, it will be better.

The manufacturer will provide you with different features in the downhill mountain bike, and it’s up to the customer to decide what he needs since the cost will increase if the features increase. A lot of varieties are available across various makers, so the buyer has plenty to choose from.

Apart from the bike, certain accessories like goggles and safety equipment can be bought, which will further make the experience better and more comfortable. But these should not be overbought as that might spoil the fun.