Easy & Effective Tips On Dog Training.

Every responsible dog owner should train his or her dog. This is very important so the dog owners can maintain good relationships with their pets. It is quite sad to see some dogs given up by their owners just because they have trouble with some dog behavior problems. If only they took some effort to do some simple dog training. It is not that hard, especially if you love your dog. Read on below to find some good dog training tips to get started.

Modifying dog behavior

The general keyword to keep in mind here is “reinforcement.” If ever you still remember your General Psychology class in your undergraduate days, this word would undoubtedly ring a bell for you.

Easy & Effective Tips On Dog Training.

Pavlov? Conditioning? Anyone? Anyway, the thing to keep in mind here is that the key to training dog behavior is through reinforcement. For instance, if your dog is misbehaving in some way, like chewing on the doormat, you should stop the mutt right away with a firm reprimand.

However, do not overreact and act too harshly, for this might only worsen the situation. Be consistent. Whenever the dog tries to do it again, you should stop him or her. Exert force if necessary, but minimize it, of course.

In contrast, if dog obedience is displayed to your commands, you should reward him or her with a treat. A good pat on the head and some soothing words are good enough most of the time. However, it would be best if you have some dog biscuits ready on hand, especially if you are on a particular dog training session.

Chewing dog toys and the like are behavior time bombs

In most cases, chewing dog toys are the leading causes of chewing misbehavior amongst dogs. Although you might mean well to give your dog an excellent alternative to soothe his or her itchy jaws instead of your shoes and slippers, this might lead to destructive chewing. So, instead of chewing dog toys, give the canine an excellent old bone or some hard biscuits to gnaw on.

What is the difference? Well, these are dog food and not dog toys. If you train the dog well in this, he or she should know that chewing on non-edible objects is terrible and unhealthy. Among the common dog training tips posted out there, this one is often overlooked. However, it would be best to keep this critical dog tip in mind.

Keep your dog in top shape

Yes, doing some regular exercise and dog training sessions are essential to keep your dog healthy, both physically and mentally. However, you should not push the canine if he or she is not feeling well on that day. Better take him to a vet right away instead of forcing the dog. Before starting a dog training session or exercise, always check if your pet is in good shape first. The dog might have dog fleas or canine viruses without you knowing.

State and show your commands clearly

This is probably one of the essential dog training tips. Commonly, some owners lack the contrast when issuing verbal commands to their dogs. For instance, most dog owners would praise their dogs with a “good boy,” and when they reprimand them, they say “bad boy.” Well, the dog would have a hard time recognizing the difference from those verbal prompts.

It is good to remember to use stress in your commands, like “good boy!!!” Also, a simple but well-stressed command is just as effective, like “NO!!!” To further get your message across to your dog, always accompany your commands with some gestures or hand signals as well.

Establishing eye contact is crucial

One of the more essential dog training tips is to establish eye contact with your dog while issuing commands. You have to do this to make sure that the dog is paying attention to you and not to something else. Also, if you are doing dog training exercises with your dog, do it in a place where there are fewer distractions.

Do not do it in crowded places or noisy environments at all. When issuing a critical command, or whenever you want to get an important message through your dog, always make sure that he is looking at you and paying ample attention. Read how retired dogs can make great pets here.