Here are the Many Aspects of Dog Training

Not all dogs are alike. Dog breeds have been established through years of adaptation to not only the elements in which they live but for what their owners want them to do. Dog training begins early when teaching a puppy to go outside.

Then basic obedience skills are essential to assuring proper management. Further possibilities include participation in agility where your dog can learn to maneuver obstacle courses, training her to do tricks, or help you around the house.

Potty mats

One way to housebreak a puppy is to use pads specially designed as potty mats. This is an adaptation from the older method of using the newspaper. Housebreaking pads are often made with a unique scent, which people do not notice, but that makes a puppy want to use it for the bathroom.

Keeping one or more of these pads near the backyard door will train the puppy to head that way when she has to go. A laundry room with an exterior door is a great room to use, as you can keep your puppy here when away at work or night, and you won’t have to worry about accidents on the carpet.

Here are the Many Aspects of Dog Training

Many people like to use the crate method for housebreaking. Because the crate becomes her bed and a place of safety, she won’t usually have an accident in it. When teaching a puppy to sleep in a crate, you can find she will sleeping in it when you are home, and the door isn’t closed. It becomes her sanctuary.

Take your puppy out often

The key is to make sure that when she has been closed in, she can get outside when she needs to. It is essential to take your puppy outside as soon as you get home. Go out with her and tell her she has been good for waiting to go outside. Remember that she is anxious to see you and may not want to go out or pay attention to why she is out unless you go with her.

Remembering that it is hard for a puppy to hold off for long periods, you need to take her outside before going to bed. It may also be necessary to take her out during the night for a while, as she may not be able to wait for the length of time you are sleeping. Take her out first thing in the morning as well, and after she has been fed.

Obedience training is a good thing to start before your dog turns a year old. While capable of learning later, it may then be necessary to break old habits, and it is just easier to teach before that happens.

Let it get older

However, you will need to wait until the puppy has developed some amount of attention span, which is usually after four months of age or perhaps older. There are a lot of methods for obedience training, and you can check most out online or in books.

Once you know how you want to train, you may want to find a class for you and your dog in a group environment or individual. In the long run, you will want your dog trained to listen to you despite a variety of possible distractions. Being able to properly manage your dog can go a long way to living a happy life together.

Teaching your dog to perform tricks is a type of behavior modification. If your dog naturally picks up one foot while sitting, you can teach her to shake on command. Perhaps she likes to turn around in circles; then you can teach her to dance.

Studying the actions of your dog

Analyzing the actions of your dog and the way she likes to move helps determine what you can easily teach her and how. These are just smaller or simpler versions of what you see dogs do in on television or in the movies.

A popular sport today is agility training, which is when a dog moves through a series of obstacles as fast as possible. These may include jumping into water and swimming, jumping through hoops, or opening and closing doors. Agility has become an essential part of the dog show crowd, and there are specialized clubs aimed at agility for all size and shaped dogs.

No matter what you want to teach your pet to do, spending time through training can be a rewarding experience. Your dog will appreciate the time you spend together, and you will reap the rewards of a well-trained pet. It is a bonding period that will enhance your lives for years to come. While you’re here, read why retired guard dogs make great pets.