Do Anger Management Classes Really Work?

Anger management classes can play a significant role in helping you overcome a dangerous tendency to angry reactions in inappropriate situations. These tendencies are increasingly common in a society where the pace of life is faster, stress levels are higher, and more behaviors exist that can stimulate angry feelings. Anger becomes a severe problem when it is occurring in situations where it is not justified or when it is repeatedly occurring.

The most important thing an anger management class can do for you is to teach you how to control angry reactions in the heat of the moment. An angry response in the wrong situation can lead to damage to property or to violence that can result in permanent injury or a criminal record.

Controlling anger in the instant case is possible using techniques that will become more natural as they are practiced, such as counting up to ten and then back down again, or using phrases such as “these feelings will pass” or “these feelings are passing through me and are being released.” Once a habit of using this type of technique is formed, and it becomes a conditioned response dealing with anger will be so much easier.

Avoiding conflict

Avoiding people and situations that stimulate anger is one obvious way of lessening the chances of a violent reaction, and this is something you need to strive for. Although it will not cure the underlying cause of the problem, it will give you breathing space in which to work out an effective and coherent plan. It will also give your nervous system a chance to calm down and recover. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, for example, in a situation where neighbors are causing difficulties.

Do Anger Management Classes Really Work?

When you attend anger management classes, you will be able to practice using techniques that calm your body and emotions in simulated but realistic conditions. This means that the responses that you learn are far more likely to become ingrained into your habitual behavior patterns and become part of your response pattern. As well as using breathing techniques and phrases that can program your mind you can also use yoga positions and soft music to bring about calmer feelings. Portable audio systems allow music to be accessed in situations outside of the home.

Find a long-term solution

Much of what is taught at an anger management class is aimed at helping you deal with this type of short term situation. But there will also be advice given on how to find a more lasting solution to the problem. A large part of this will be making lifestyle changes to make you a generally more happy and balanced person.

A great sense of freedom can be gained from overcoming situations that have not worked out for you and from getting away from bad influences. Cutting excessive alcohol consumption out of your life or even avoiding food with excessive stimulants can also help to create different behavior patterns over time.


The people running your anger management classes may also be able to put you in touch with professionals who can help you deal with any long term underlying condition that is causing the feelings of anger. Often there is nothing in the immediate situation that justifies the reactions that occur. They are stimulated by events of the past that need to be accessed under therapy conditions. Counseling or hypnotherapy can help to identify what it is in the past that is causing these difficulties and help to relieve it. Ask for referrals at your anger management classes.

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