Do it Yourself Fireplace

Building a fireplace is not a difficult task. You could get many diy tips to help you design and construct the kind of fireplace you would want to have in your home. Building a fireplace involves three important activities. One is the construction of the hearth, second would be the chimney installation, and third would be the construction of the fireplace itself.

Constructing the hearth of the fireplace

If your home does not have a hearth, you must find out whether the builders had provided for any fireplace to be constructed in the first place. You also need to check with building regulatory authorities if they would allow a hearth and fireplace in your house.

The hearth must be made of non-combustible material and should in no way prove hazardous in the future. There is also the option of doing away with the traditional hearth construction in case you can bring in a direct vent gas fireplace that does not require a pre-constructed foundation. This will also save on costs.

Do it Yourself Fireplace

The chimney inspection

If your home has a provision for the construction of a fireplace, then you need to first check out the chimney before you set up the fireplace. You can get the chimney reinstated incase it had been blocked off earlier. A chimney sweep would be the best person to consult.

He could give you sound advice on how to get the chimney cleaned and whether you need to get a flue liner installed. He would also check for leaks and check if the fireplace will function, as it should be conducting a smoke test.

Do it Yourself Fireplace

Finally, fireplace design and style are chosen, and the installation can begin. There are many models to choose from, and you can get the fireplace constructed using materials like stone, brick, or even metals like brass and steel.

The fuel type can be chosen as wood or gas, depending on the fireplace constructed. Other things, such as the fireplace mantel, the fireplace screen, and covers, can be designed or purchased according to your choice and requirement. Read this article to know how to design your home in a smart way.