Discover What Your Partner Enjoys

The key to having a long lasting and exciting relationship is to find out what your partner enjoys and to keep them happy. If both parties in the relationship work towards pleasing the other then the relationship will last, succeed and prosper in all aspects, particularly when it comes to the sex life later in the relationship.


Likes can change

While you may think that you know what your partner enjoys – especially if you have been with them for a long time – it might not be the case as likes and dislikes change over the years. So what they might have once enjoyed very much might now turn them off totally, so it is important that you remain in tune with each other all the time. There can be many reasons why what one enjoys changes, growing older can make changes to the body and what was possible once might no longer be. Illness and medication can often play an important factor in likes and dislikes as can having children.

Tell Dislike

How to find out what they enjoy If both of you have always been fairly open minded when it comes to sex then finding what the other enjoys isn’t really that hard. You could of course just ask outright what the other prefers, what turns them on and what turns them off, however it much nicer to explore and find out for yourself what they enjoy. There is also nothing wrong with just coming right out and telling your partner if they are doing something which you particularly dislike and doing this is far better than just letting them believe you are enjoying something which clearly you are not.

Obviously finding what the like can be easier than finding their dislikes, if you are doing something right then you will be able to tell by the signs your partner is showing.

Erogenous Zones

Everyone has certain erogenous zones and some enjoy certain parts of their body touched and kissed more than others and again this is all about experimentation. For example, some people find it very sexually stimulating to have their feet massaged and caressed. Others on the other hand hate anyone touching their feet, so in the beginning unless they specify it is all about watching their reactions to the stimulation you are giving them.

Some people find an all over body massage stimulating and a turn on, while others are ticklish in certain areas of their body which will leave them being able to do nothing but giggle. While happiness is good it is not what you are looking for when wanting a romantic loving time with your partner.

Always be on the lookout for changes in your partner because as stated before likes and dislikes can and invariably do change over time. Just go with the signs and feelings that you are getting from your partner and trust in your judgment and it will usually steer you in the right direction.