Is Dieting Bad For You?

Is dieting bad for you? The answer is yes, dieting is bad for you if it is like mine. It shouldn’t be, though. I have little to no self-control when it comes to food. At night, when I’m on the prowl for a snack, I act like I don’t see the apples and bananas that I had my wife pick up at the store.

She made me swear I would eat them this time. I did intend to eat them at the time I told her to get them. I was feeling fat when I said it, I’m sure. I had a lot going on inside my head at the time; exercise, food to eat, lose weight, and man boobs.

Cupcakes? Yummy!

But, I do see the cupcakes, with chocolate frosting, and only a couple left. There would be no way they would survive tomorrow with my three kids. I had to get them now if I was to have any at all. So I pour a big glass of milk, half a liter or so, and chow down the cupcakes.

That hit the spot. That’s pretty much the story every night. There is always something better than the fresh fruit around, and I can find it. Even the cookies my wife hides from me. I find them. It’s no wonder I ended up with man boobs.

Then I go straight to bed. Full of milk and cupcakes and ready for a lovely night of storing up some more fat. Instead of getting up in the morning and having some breakfast, I grab a coffee and head out in a hurry—another great fat-storing idea.

My metabolism never gets started in the morning, and so my body thinks it’s starving. By the time lunch rolls around, my stomach is growling like a hungry lion. I feel like I’m starving.

I need something fast to fill this empty pit in me. I head straight to the nearest fast-food restaurant and grab an excellent big burger and fries with a soda. I then proceed to tear through it with the gusto of a hound dog. Eating too fast isn’t good for you either, but at the time, I don’t care, I’m starving. At around two-thirty or so, I experience a significant energy drop and get sleepy until it gets close to time to go home. By then, my stomach is growling again.

Eat Good Foods To Lose Weight

When I get home, I don’t go for the fresh fruit either. I decide I don’t want to ruin my appetite for dinner. That’s three hours away, and my stomach has already been growling for an hour. So, back into starvation mode, the body goes again.

When dinner time does finally roll around, I’m starving again. This time I eat too fast and too much because I can get a second helping here. I eat all this food going into my most inactive part of the day—another great way to store fat.

Is Dieting Bad For You?

It’s a wonder why I don’t get sick more or haven’t had some serious health issues. I have been lucky so far. Does this eating habit sound familiar to you? Poor eating habits are the cause of a lot of different severe medical conditions. Bad diets often trigger diabetes, and it can kill you. There are others.

Millions of people are considered obese, and it is caused by the terrible food we put into our bodies. Instead of being fed with fuel, we feed it with preservatives, sugar, and lots of other unhealthy things. Most people don’t even exercise at all. Billions of dollars a year are spent on health and fitness products. A lot of them never get used. I know, I have a few of those myself.

Time To Change Our Diet

So, is diet bad for you? It depends on what your diet consists of. We have to eat good healthy foods to lose weight. What foods to lose weight? Healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruit, less red meat, and more fish.

Drink more water and cut out soft drinks. Eat more fiber and less sugar. And by all means, get off the couch and go for a walk. Don’t neglect exercise. Guys, walking to the car, or to the tv set to change the channel is not exercise.

We must change the way we take care of ourselves, and we need to teach our kids the importance of eating nutritious food. Don’t think I’m preaching at you because I’m guilty too. What I’m saying is, let’s begin by making some small changes at first.

Even if you don’t start a new diet or fitness plan, you can cut back on a few burgers and fries, drink water instead of soft drinks, and yes, I will try to eat the fresh fruit that my wife got for me at snack time, instead of the cupcakes. Wish me luck!