Dick DeVos’ New Acquisition of Distillery

The business world has recently been inundated with stories about billionaire and businessman, Dick DeVos’ new acquisition of a large distillery in northern California. Although Dick DeVos and the DeVos financial group are no strangers to new business acquisitions, this is the first time that DeVos has made any attempt to enter the liquor industry. Many media outlets have devoted entire pieces to the discussion of the implications of this acquisition on behalf of the DeVos Financial Group.


Is The Acquisition A Wise Business Decision?

Does the acquisition of the distillery on behalf of the Devos Financial Group mean that billionaire will be spending less time in the political arena and more time merging with other companies in the liquor industry? Is this acquisition simply a wise business decision by Dick Devos with no major implications of any further dealings in this industry? A look at a recent interview with David Osio, the new CEO of the Devos Financial Group, combined with a focused study of Dick Devos’ resume and work history may be just the insight business leaders need to decide if this acquisition is the beginning of a significant change in the way the DeVos Financial Group operates.

A Hint On An Interview

During an interview with the Associated Press about business industries that Dick DeVos would like to focus on, David Osio gave no hint that the CEO would be looking to purchase property in a distillery. Osio did, however, give the impression that the business world could be witnessing the development of new and diverse mergers and acquisitions by the DeVos Financial Group and joked that he would not be surprised with any direction in which Dick DeVos chose to take the business. By analyzing statements like these, it is possible to conclude that Dick DeVos had been contemplating the diversification of his investments for quite some time before making the final decision regarding the distillery property.

Possible To Draw Better Conclusion

By taking a peek into the businessman’s history of business practices, it is possible to draw an even better conclusion about his decision to enter the distillery market. DeVos is famous for beginning his career at Amway, as the successor the multi-level marketing empire his father had built. After successfully growing this company, DeVos began to make his mark in the local political arena and show his extreme passion for conservative political causes. Though his political involvement, DeVos truly began to express his true nature as a businessman and as a leader. Dick DeVos’ work history shows a pattern that typically reflects his convictions. It can certainly be concluded that DeVos’ acquisition of the distillery was a unique opportunity and cannot emphatically correlate to any future purchases by the company.