Use your Past to Create a Better Future

When looking at our career and our future, it is easy to get caught up in our past. Too often, business people use negative self-talk about the past to keep them from having the future they want. Too often, they tell themselves that the better future they desire will never happen for any number of reasons.

It is essential to take a glimpse of the past for reference and to learn from our failures. But, the truth is that when we dwell in the past, we are prevented from creating anything different in our present and are more likely to repeat the failures that we are focusing on.

It’s quite silly!

It’s like going to a movie and sitting with your back facing the screen and wondering why the picture stays the same. After a while, you realized that because you were dwelling on this, you missed the entire movie. It is very important to put past successes, failures, and other matters where they belong; in the past.

Use your Past to Create a Better Future

Once we have correctly placed the past in the past, we can look toward the future with businesses and careers. To effectively place the past behind us, we must understand that failure is the key ingredient to learning how to we have successfully reached the present we are now experiencing. Now, armed with the lessons of the past, you can be truly successful.

Evaluate your relationships

One important part of accepting failure as lessons is to evaluate your relationships. Do you have business partners, acquaintances, or friends that you feel are holding you back? You may not even realize that they are holding you back until you evaluate the situation. Often we stay in relationships with people because that’s the way things have always been.

We don’t evaluate whether these relationships are productive or beneficial because that person is someone that we have accepted in our lives, and we haven’t thought of changing it. It is essential to have an in-depth look at the relationships we carry.

Take a good look at old companies

If this is true for relationships, what about old companies, business ventures, etc.? Have you had a good look at them? Are they successful and fruitful, or are you keeping them because you haven’t learned how to detach? Is it because there is a lot of emotion attached to them? The truth is that if it is not productive, you need to evaluate and let it go.

You can’t swim toward the shore of success if you are laden down with unnecessary burdens. Take a good hard look at your burdens and decide which ones you should let go of. Ensure that you don’t get tired of swimming before you reach the shore because you have been carrying too much from the past.

Your past is only a school. Your present and future are determined by what you learned in school and how well you applied it. If you leave your past behind you, you’ll become more productive than ever.