Why Am I Craving Milk During Pregnancy?

Cravings are a natural thing during pregnancy. Studies show that women crave for foods and other kinds of things when pregnant. Cravings during pregnancy take different forms and frequencies. There are women who want to eat whatever they crave every single time, and there are those who crave things that are not even edible.

It’s completely normal

However, it’s important to note that cravings are not always as extreme as we’ve been made to believe. At least every woman has a question regarding a craving she experienced while during pregnancy. You probably had heard about women recounting their bizarre cravings when they were pregnant.

Craving milk is something that has sparked interest among people. The reason behind this is informed by the fact that there are women who crave milk while there are those who even find the taste nauseating. Why am I craving milk during pregnancy? This is one of the questions that pregnant women often ask.

Why Am I Craving Milk During Pregnancy?

Some women lack lactose

It’s imperative to note that the craving of milk is a perfectly normal thing. The reason as to why some women hate the taste of milk while they are pregnant is because they lack enzyme lactose that is essentially instrumental in digesting and ingesting lactose.

Cases of women craving milk while pregnant, yet they initially were lactose intolerant, are not new. Pregnancy somehow has a way of making women crave for things that even surprise them. Several theories have been put in place explaining why women crave certain foods while pregnant.

Dietary Deficiencies

Some statistics show that the cravings could be a result of dietary deficiencies. As we all know, milk contains calcium, which is very instrumental in the development of the baby. As such, a woman who lacks calcium while pregnant tends to develop a craving for milk.

Milk cravings in pregnant women are driven by hormones. The rise in estrogen, HCG, and progesterone can have devastating effects on a woman’s craving for certain foods, including milk. In as much as there is no scientific proof as to why some generally crave milk, it’s important for one to consult their doctor and get insight on this critical issue.

The question of why am I craving milk during pregnancy can be well answered by seeking the advice of a doctor. A doctor can be able to explain whether the milk cravings are informed by dietary deficiencies or whether they are purely a result of a surge in hormones. That’s the only way through which one can get answers to this crucial question.

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