Correct that Vitamin B12

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The anti aging supplement Resveratrol is a natural substance that plants make when they are being attacked by fungi or bacteria. The claims that it is an anti aging substance is based on claims that it protects plants under attack from microscopic organisms. The facts are that there is little to document that animals also benefit by taking resveratrol when attacked by oxidizing cells and other signs of aging which include susceptibility to disease. Since it’s produced naturally by plants to protect them from rotting and other signs of attack from foreign organisms, the assumption is that it can also extend animal life by providing the same protection that it does to its plant. Not much evidence has been discovered to cover that assumption.

Some people believe this product can help you get and stay healthy. However, there are currently many studies being conducted on resveratrol in animals. The animals being tested to determine if this can extend their lives are fruit flies, nematodes, worms and fish with short life spans. Studies to determine the effects of the substance on cancer, as an anti inflammatory agent, in lowering blood sugar and in helping in cardio vascular conditions are being conducted in mice and rats. Results have shown that it has significantly lowered blood sugar in animal studies.

Resveratrol is found naturally in the skin of red grapes and is plentiful in red wine. It is sold as lozenges is produced chemically from Japanese knotweed and is sold as a nutritional supplement. Resveratrol 2.0 for men is currently being sold as a nutritional supplement with claims that it is an anti aging agent. However, the properties of this are being suggested to help people with cardio vascular problems. Claims that drinking red wine that is a main natural source will help people with heart problems has given impetus that for those who can’t drink alcoholic beverages, the supplement can be used as an alternative.

Vitamin B12 has been conclusively shown to be an essential nutrient for the human body, playing a key role in the creation and maintenance of cells as well as the regulation of a whole series of enzymes and other substances that the body uses to regulate itself. In fact, having a Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in serious medical problems and even permanent neurological damage. However, since Vitamin B12 has an extremely low toxicity rate and most people can take enormous dosages of it without ill effect, many additional claims have been made about the nutrient that have not been borne out through scientific research. Among these claims, one is that Vitamin B12 shots serve as a natural energy booster and that the more you take the more energy you get. This claim is based on some faulty logic.

It is factually correct that Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in the creation of a number of enzymes that the body uses to convert fats and proteins into energy. Further, it is factually correct that people suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin B12 do not create enough of these enzymes, resulting in a loss of tangible energy production through normal biochemical processes. These facts serve as the basis of the bad logic about Vitamin B12 supplements: namely, it is argued that if having the right amount of Vitamin B12 prevents a loss of energy, having even more Vitamin B12 will result in even more energy. However, this claim has been scientifically investigated in multiple studies and has been conclusively shown to be false. Quite simply, as long as the body has enough of the nutrient to create the enzymes it needs, that is all it uses; additional Vitamin B12 does not result in excess enzymes or energy.

Most of the energy drinks and other energy supplements that contain Vitamin B12 also contain the whole series of B vitamins, and others have been shown to have more of an impact on energy levels that B12. Further, most of these drinks are also laced with some sort of stimulant, frequently caffeine or ephedra among others. The science notwithstanding, many people still claim to get an energy boost from taking a Vitamin B12 shot and generally speaking there is no harm in taking large amounts of the nutrient, so there is nothing to lose by trying.