Correct Equipment Can Save a Pilot’s Life

Whether you are in the military or a civilian pilot your tools are essential to getting your job done and getting it done the right way. Things like flight helmets and night vision goggles are just some of the key components of any pilot’s arsenal. Flying F-16s or a helicopter for the local news agency your job is twenty four hours a day. At night and during the day. Night vision goggles and good flight helmets keeps a pilot in the air longer.


Night vision goggles

Night vision goggles have the technology for making night flight possible. This technology has changed the way pilots are used in the military and in the civilian world. They light up the night as if it was high noon on a clear and bright day. If you are a pilot operating a police search helicopter it allows you to search the city for issues or crimes being committed at any time of the day. The pilot can help everyone on the ground searching for criminals that have escaped custody. Without the night vision goggles the pilot would be limited to day flights only. This would make it difficult for the police force’s efforts towards public safety. A military pilotfaces the same issues. The night vision goggles let different missions to be flown at night and allow the pilot to effectively fly the missions withmore wins than ever before. Without the goggles a pilot has to worry about hitting power lines, tall buildings and trees. The goggles also allow pilots to see more in the night that is ground level.

Have A Quality Flight Helmet

Having a quality flight helmet makes the pilot’s job easier. Without a good flight helmet a pilot can be hit with tragedy and won’t be as effective as they could be. There are a fewthings that you should consider when buying a flight helmet. Of course the proper fit is the first criteria for aquality head protector. Without it your head protector can fall off or twist out of place during a mission. The helmetsface shield is also important. There are many differenttypes such as clear, dark, carbon as well as several colors. A helmet also must havecorrect noise dampeners. low priced helmets will be noisy and make it hard for the pilot to hear any commands or communications over the radio. Without a good noise dampening padding it is possible for a pilot to experience deafness over time. These are just a few items that have to be thought of when purchasing a quality flight helmet.

Flight helmets and night vision goggles

Flight helmets and night vision goggles are two very importanttools for a great pilot. Whether it’s flying missions for the military in a foreign land or just a crop dusting pilot in Iowa. Night vision goggles allow the pilot to fly safely and see anything just like it wasin the middle of the day. A quality flight helmet gives the pilot the necessary noise reduction properties and good visor selection. Both of these pieces of pilot equipment are key to a pilot’s job.