Four Tactics to Control Your Temper

Although a basic part of our emotional identity, keeping our temper under control is very important to hold on to a happy lifestyle. If you find that your temper shows itself regularly, your friends may start to believe you have anger management problems. An innocent remark, misunderstood, or your motorcycle broke down and you’re now having to pay a large repair bill – these are things that can make us lose it for no good reason.

Getting a little angry is a normal reaction, so it’s no surprise we feel like that sometimes. Problem is, if we try and suppress it by keeping it inside, it’s possible that the pressure will keep increasing and then – bang, one little incident is one too many and we just blow. Difficulty, it’s then that loved ones who know us start to think we have anger management problems.

Don’t ruin your life

So, before you allow your anger to ruin your life completely, take a look at the following anger management tips to assist you to keep hold of your temper.

Four Tactics to Control Your Temper

Stop and take a look at yourself when you feel you are about to lose your temper This is the moment where you have to ask yourself coldly if you have a problem with your temper. You must get to the cause of things here, so be brutally honest with yourself. Look at yourself from the viewpoint of someone looking at you and ask “is my angry mood here reasonable, or am I going over the top and overreacting”

The fact that you are asking yourself about your temper indicates that you think that you may have difficulty controlling your anger. Are you prone to urges of breaking anything you can find when you feel like “exploding”?

Admit it!

If this is the case, prepare to lose your relationship, unless you’re prepared to do something to try and resolve this problem. Any psychologist running temper control classes will tell you that admitting to yourself that you have a problem with your temper, is the initial step towards finding a solution.

We all have a temper, and with it comes a choice – you can choose to pause and take a deep breath, or you can store it up inside until you feel you’ve been mucked around too much, at which time you go off like a volcano. If you feel those destructive urges starting, try and put the breaks on, chill.

Breath deeply and evenly for about fifteen seconds and then see if you feel calmer – think of a fish, opening it’s mouth slowly, but regularly – that’s how you should be breathing. For little things this method will prove effective, but how about the bigger and more annoying issues?.

Think about it (whilst chilling)

What good has come when you got really angry?. This is logic, think about it. You’re only damaging yourself and the way others look at you. What do you think of others when you see them lose their temper?

They’re acting stupid right? Do you want people to see you and think that too? This is a great to control your anger as it makes you look at your reactions from the angle of another person. Therefore stop and think “apply some logic over emotion”- it always works, but you have to make the effort to actually do it!

When you next feel like giving your bank manager a piece of your mind, you may want to take a moment, and see if you can conjure up something funny in your mind and often, within seconds of doing so, your anger should subside.