Confronting The Cheating Spouse

Before Confronting a Cheating Spouse open and fair communication between you and your cheating better half which is what many people feel they cannot do due to some issues fear of knowing the difficulties Fear it may be your own fault somehow, fear of knowing details which will make you upset.

You cannot have a conversation with your other half about the subject as you get indignant and can’t talk properly due to outbursts or such a negative reaction to each answer that it does not appear productive.



Don’t wish to listen several people do not have to hear their partner about the affair and the explanations for it as they don’t wish to give their partner any chance to come up with excuses and would rather BE frustrated and use the affair as some form of weapon to hold against them.

This could be a deadly thing that leads to MORE affairs and often divorce and unhappiness. Soak it up wait till you can talk without being excessively accusatory or destructive.

Air out your feelings

Take a little time to absorb the situation. You may need to air out your feelings with somebody that’s a good listener before you could have a useful conversation with your better half. This person should be of the same sex. Speaking with somebody Chatting to someone of the opposite sex about your marital issues hasn’t proven to be beneficial. This will help when Confronting Your Cheating Partner .

Talk, as hard as it is to speak about the affair, this is critical to making a hardier relationship and fixing the hurt. The advantages of talking about the affair come from gaining an appreciation of the problems in your relationship that caused your other half to find for something they felt they’d lost or failed to have with you. This does not mean you caused this though never think that! It does however, let you pinpoint the explanations they felt that they wanted to do. This authorizes you to progress by closing that old relationship and opening the entrance to a newer, better one.

Get support.

For your own happiness, seek support from family, friends, a clergyman or counsellor. Those you trust and feel happy with. Talking about your feelings with people you like will help you cope with the power of the situation. Objective support will help you explain what you are feeling and put the affair into proportion.

However, duck confiding in people who you know will take sides. This tends to increase the emotional power of the situation. Give each other some space. Both partners need a break from the emotional stress generated by the discovery of an affair. “Timeout” when emotions are running high. Take time. Try and avoid digging into the intimate details of the affair with your other half at first. That may conclude my article on Confronting a Cheating Spouse.