Ways College Students Can Make Money over Winter Break

You go into each new year at college with the best of financial intentions. After all, you slaved away at that summer job so you could afford to live at school with a little bit of comfort. But after paying for room and board, textbooks, meals, and the all-important unending flow of beer, you suddenly find that your carefully-plotted budget might not see you through to the following summer.

As long as you figure this out before winter break begins, you’ve got nothing to worry about. There are a ton of fast and easy ways college students can make money over that long winter break. Just leave your ego at the door and think creatively. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Snow Shoveling?

Depending on where you live, Mother Nature may provide you the easiest way to make some extra cash, and that’s by shoveling snow. Recent winters have been pretty severe, and you can make more than a little pocket cash by shoveling snow for your neighbors in town.

Ways College Students Can Make Money over Winter Break

It’s a pretty ‘old school’ idea, but there’s a reason it’s stuck around so long. The same goes for babysitting, housesitting, pet sitting, or any of the other random tasks you could do for the families that have known you forever.

If you’d prefer a more legitimate part-time job, you will have options. Probably your best two bets will be retail and foodservice. Both industries are incredibly busy over the holiday season and into the first few weeks of each new year, which is precisely when you are home for winter break.

The problem is, every other college student in the area is gunning for these jobs as well. Your best bet is to try for one of these positions as a summer job, and then keep in touch with your supervisor over the school year.

Prepare yourself before winter!

As long as they are hiring seasonal help and you’ve proven yourself an asset, you should be able to pick up some extra shifts. If you’re new to the area, you’ll need to visit a good month or two before winter break to put in resumes and set up interviews. By the time winter break rolls around all of these seasonal positions will already be filled.

There are those who still want to enjoy the ‘break’ part of winter break, and don’t feel like working twelve-hour days in a restaurant or at the mall. That’s fine, as long as you’re willing to hunt down stuff to sell. Dig through your closet and look for clothes you don’t need. If they’re stylish and in good shape you should be able to make some extra cash selling them off to a consignment store.


If you’re savvy with eBay, look for other things you can sell, such as old computer equipment, DVDs and CDs, video games, and even those expensive textbooks. In fact, here’s a little tip: scan the pages of the textbook you’ll need for the coming semester, and then sell it back. You can study by .pdf and use that extra money to eat something other than macaroni and cheese for once.

Next, it’s time to look for ways you can turn your skills into money. The internet offers lots of options that writers, filmmakers, and artists can take advantage of. Look for opportunities to write paid content for blogs and websites, or shoot videos for sites that offer a percentage of advertising revenue.

Tutor younger students, be commissioned for a new work of art, knit some clothes, repair computers, or do some freelance web design. You can also become a Freelance writer. You’re paying for one of those ‘Get a Real Degree Programs‘ after all.

If you now have a marketable skill, use it to set yourself up for the next semester. To do all this you must manage your time well. Know how to be super-productive in this article.