Clinique All About Eyes – Reduces Circles, Puffs.

The Clinique All about Eyes Review 



This cream is mainly used around the eyes. Therefore, is mainly made for solving the skin problems as it reduces the dark circles and the puffy skin below and above the eyes. In addition, it is one of the best under eye cream for dark circles and removing the saggy skin around the eye area. This cream is in form of a gel and it cleans the under eye areas to make it look more refreshing and nourished.



Ingredients of this cream

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The water content in order to hydrate the skin well. So items that moisturize the skin. Then it contains olive extracts, green tea extracts and many other antioxidants to nourish the skin.

How to use Clinique All About Eyes?

You should use it twice a day at morning and at night. Apply the cream with your finger on the skin area. So you can use the ring finger in order to apply the cream to the soft skin under and above the eyes area. Apply the cream in a patting manner in order for better absorption. So this scream should be used after cleaning your face to provide relief to your eyes. When using this cream under makeup then wait for a while before applying makeup. Allow the cream to get absorbed into the skin well and then apply makeup to get the best results.

Results of using this cream

This cream is not made for temporary usage purposes. It should be used for longer periods in order to get results and to maintain a high quality of the skin. However, you would be able to see the results within 3 weeks of using this cream. You can feel your skin to be more moisturized and smoother. This is a lightweight cream and makes the skin look brighter. IT can be used alone or even under a concealer in order to get the best results.

The cream goes on silky and makes the eyes feel refreshed. People also use this cream various times a day. However, it is enough if used one time a day and if one wants to improve the results then one can buy the richer versions available in the market. These richer versions consist of more ingredients and could provide the results fast enough. This cream takes about15-20 minutes to apply on the skin

Why buy this cream?

This cream should be bought, as you might not regret the price that you paid for while purchasing this cream. It does what it says and shows you all the results. It takes care of the issues like the wrinkles or lines around the eyes and dry skin under the eye area that too, without being heavy. This cream is not greasy at all and so good to apply on skin. Almost everyone that uses this cream feels that it provides a cooling and refreshing effect on the drier skin that they once had and hence converts it into more lively and softer skin. This cream is ophthalmologist tested and so proven to be skin friendly. The cream/gel formula of this cream helps to hold the eye makeup in place too. This cream is hence said to be one of the best under eye cream as it is formulated for maximum results without irritation. It does not consist of any parabens or phthalates. Moreover, it does not have any fragrance too. It is allergy tested and the customers would just get happy skin in return.

This cream is also an oil-free cream and so can hold the eye makeup applied on it. Moreover, the main benefit of using this cream is that it works best on all skin types. So you can use it if have normal, oily, dry, sensitive skin on the face. Therefore, you can consider it as one of the best under eye cream for dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness around your eyes. Moreover, this cream is non-acne genic that is it does not have any side effects like causing acne or something else.  Another way that the people recommend to use this cream is that it should be used in the summer season or even when you are exposed to the sun for a long time. Best if the cream is used chilled in those cases as it makes the experience even more refreshing and worthy. Therefore, the cream would be most effective to use during summer. The price of this cream is also affordable and not that like the pricey creams in the market.


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