Tips for Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Cleaning vertical blinds can seem like a bit of a challenge because it can be labor-intensive. But being methodical and following a step-by-step process, you can have sparkling vertical blinds without feeling overwhelmed by dripping water and twisted damp blinds.

Given the amount of time and effort we spend on maintaining a tidy and clean house, it is a pity that sometimes missing out on details like cleaning the blinds can reduce the impact of a space.

Vacuum Cleaning

It is a good idea to use the narrow tube and brush attachment available with most vacuum cleaners once every week or every fortnight on vertical blinds to avoid excessive build-up of dirt and grime. This periodic cleaning will make your deep cleaning job a lot easier. Blinds can start to look dull and unattractive if this is not done regularly.

Tips for Cleaning Vertical Blinds

First, pay attention to the material of your blinds and vanes. Fabric vanes and blinds should be treated with exceptional care as they can warp and lose their look if poorly handled.

It is best not to use very hot water on vertical fabric blinds, and it is also not a good idea to twist them too much while cleaning them. Other than taking some normal precautions to factor in the material, much of the process below applies to fabric and plastic or vinyl vertical blinds also.

Cover the Flooring and Furniture

Before you start the actual deep cleaning, it may be a good idea to cover the flooring or near-by furniture if you want to make sure that soapy water does not cause any damage. A few old towels or some rolls of paper towels may come in handy.

As a preliminary step, use a duster to remove the layer of dust. By getting rid of the loose layer on top, you can work your way to more severe cleaning. You can use a mild soap solution and a good sponge for deeper cleansing.

How to Clean Your Blinds – Horizontal & Vertical Blind Cleaning

How to Clean Your Blinds – Horizontal & Vertical Blind Cleaning.

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Make sure the vertical blinds are in there fully stretched position and slightly turn the handle so that there is some gap between the slats. Then, with a step stool, work your way from the top to the bottom of each slat. It is best to go from the top down to avoid jerking the slat out of his chain.

Sponge cleaning

After you have run the sponge from the top to the bottom of each slat of the vertical blind, rinse it out in a container of plain water and then dip it again in the soap solution before tackling the next blind. It will be a good idea to clean out the plain water after every two or three rounds, depending on how much dirt gets washed off each panel.

Right after soaping, the blinds, use a dry sponge and wipe each panel to remove excess water and to avoid water continually dripping to the bottom. By doing this, you will hasten the drying process also. It is best to let the vertical blinds air dry for at least a few hours before you pull the slats together or reduce the amount of space between the panels. Moist or damp blinds can lead to a musty smell and can also attract mold. So, make sure that the blinds are dry before pulling the whole set to one side.

While drying is essential, using the dryer or hanging the blinds out by bending them on the clothesline is not advisable. The former may have too much heat and can warp the blinds, and the latter can also make the blinds lose their shape.

A little bit of elbow grease, setting aside some time and some planning is all that is needed for cleaning vertical blinds. Read our awesome article on Spring Cleaning over here. Comment any queries you have down below, I’ll try my best to answer you guys.