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Who doesn’t love their car? It’s a man’s best buddy these days. It takes you wherever you want to go, gives you freedom from the boring day-to-day life(Well, if you go on a tour). You can drive to the office on time. It is high time that you show your car some loyalty. How do you show loyalty to your vehicle? By keeping it clean, of course!

Cleaning Tips for Car Ashtrays

Not all the time, the cigarette smell can promote a masculine appeal. An enduring smell of cigarettes can be annoying and suffocating too. To get rid off-odors and snuff out cigarettes, you can place a little amount of baking soda within your car ashtray. This will work as a natural deodorant for your car and offer you a smell-free environment. You may use kitty litter as an alternative to baking soda.

Cleaning Tips for Car Windshields

Baking soda can produce wonder solution, especially when it comes to cleaning. The same thing goes true with car windshields. First, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and one and a half tablespoons of warm water. Now apply this solution all over the windshields. This will help you to clean all the germs on the windshield as well as to clean the wipers.

Cleaning Tips for Skunk Odor from the Exterior of the Car

Unfortunately, if you have bumped into a skunk with your car, quite possibly you would like to clean the odor from the exterior of the car. To do this, you can first mix five tablespoons of dry mustard into a full bucket of lukewarm water. Now apply this solution all over your car’s body to clean up all the odors. Mop whenever necessary to clean the wheels and underbody. Repeat till you have not become satisfied enough.

Cleaning Tips for The Car

Cleaning Tips for Gasoline Stain from the Interior of the Car

To clean out the gasoline stain from the interior part of your car, you first need to make a solution with one teaspoon of vinegar, one teaspoon of mild dish detergent, a quart of warm water. Here, vinegar is used to remove the odor, while detergent will clean out the stain marks. Now apply the solution over the stained area and keep it to dry. If you still find spots there, you may need to repeat the procedure again. However, if you find this trick not workable for you, better you try to use a dry-cleaning solvent.

Cleaning Tips for Rubber from the Exterior of the Car

In order to remove the rubber from the exterior of your car, you may employ any of these three methods. The first method says that you first mix an equal amount of warm water and ammonia and scrub the area using a sponge. The next method says that you can mix 1 portion of white vinegar with three portions of soft water, and then rinse your car. You can increase the concentration of vinegar according to your preference. The third method puts emphasis on over-marketed products like Goo Be Gone, Goof Off, WD40, etc. You need to sprinkle the solution over the stained area, rub, and then rinse thoroughly. You may also take mayonnaise as an alternative.

Cleaning Chewing Gum from the Car Seats

Many people experience this situation with their car seats. Having gums sticking over or below the car seats is merely annoying and frustrating, too, however, fun to some naughty kids. Applying WD40 is the easiest solution in order to get rid off of the sticky gum experience. First, pour a good amount of WD40 over a soft and clean cotton rag and then rub it all over the gum. This will scrape off the gum from the seat. Now apply a warm soapy cloth over the area and gently clean in order to ensure no residue for sticky gum or WD40 left behind.

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