Cleaning Tips for Carpet Stains

The first and foremost important for cleaning carpet stains is to take action fast. If you take long time to start the cleaning process, the stains may hold there for longer time. At first, you need to take a clean, soft cloth and apply it over the stains till no more of the stain could be soaked. After that, dispense club soda over the clean cloth and apply over the stain till the mark is removed entirely. Remember not to rub the area but to blot since rubbing may lead random spreading of the stain over the carpet.


Cleaning Tips for Removing Wine Stains from Carpet

Since tannin is an ingredient of wine, it becomes a difficult task to clean wine stains from carpet, most of the times. There are few homely guidelines that can be used effectively to remove both the red and white wine stains from the carpet. If you by mistake drop red wine over the carpet area, you should drop a glass of white wine over the stain. Since white wine will counterbalance the effects of red wine, no stains will be left. If you have done the stains with white wine, allow some amount of vinegar to drop over the stain. Both of these techniques are very useful and offer effects in less than 5 minutes.

Cleaning Tips for Syrup from Carpet

It is very rare to see people who do not like homemade pancakes. But what about the stains of the pancake syrup made over the carpet? Surely, you simply hate it when you have just dropped it. At its worst, it can blend with the carpet fiber and offer you a sticky area over the carpet. If you went through all these, certainly you might have wondered how to clean the carpet area with stains while keeping the quality of the carpet intact. Take 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid and mix it with 1 teaspoon of warm water. Now take this solution into a spray bottle and sprinkle the stained area and blot it. After that, blot again using cold water in order to eliminate both sticky substance and soap residue from the carpet.

Cleaning Tips for Oil stain from Carpet

In order to clean the oil stain from your favorite carpet, you need to take effort on absorbing the oil. Baking soda can play the role of an excellent absorber. Otherwise, you may also use corn starch or talcum powders. Sprinkle any of the substance over the stained area and keep it there for a whole night. Following the next day, you must first do the vacuum over the area. If you are still not happy with the result and find that there is few marks remained, you can try to blot it using mild dishwashing liquid designed to work against greasy or oily substance. Once you are happy and find no marks are there, blot the area again with dampened cloth.

Cleaning Tips for Chocolate Stains from Carpet

This cleaning tips work well with coffee stains as well. Dab certain amount of vinegar over the stained area and leave it there for few minutes. Now blot till you find the area clean and free from any sort of stains. After that, apply cold dampened cloth to blot it once again. Many people do not prefer the aroma of vinegar. They can use mild dishwashing carpet instead of vinegar to clean their stained carpet area.

Cleaning Tips for Nail Polish Stains from Carpet

Have you tried doing manicure or pedicure at home and did a mess? Don’t worry as there are solutions to remove nail polish stains from your carpet. In fact, the solution is really easy to follow. In order to remove the nail polish stains, all you need to use is a nail polish remover. That’s all. Take a cotton ball, dab few amount of nail polish remover onto it and then blot the stained area as soon as possible. Keep blotting till you find all the stains are gone. Now blot the area with dampened cloth. Remember not to rub the area. Otherwise, the nail polish stains will be spread all over.

Cleaning Tips for Rust Stains from Carpet

If you do not take enough care about keeping the feet of your metal furniture dry, you may have to pay the price with rust stains in your carpet area. This looks really awkward and usually comes in brownish-orange color. It may turn out to be a permanent marker if you do not take action quickly. In order to clean the rust stains from the carpet, the best choice left in your hand is of course using an acid-based cleaner. You may try using vinegar and lemon juice since both of them have acidic property. However, if you would like to count on marketed carpet cleaner, do not forget to look for oxalic acid as an ingredient of the solution, especially when you are about to clean rust stains from the carpet.

Cleaning Tips for Oil Paint from Carpet

Prior applying any sort of chemicals over your carpet area with the purpose of cleaning stains made by oil paint, you should test the solution over a secret area such as over the area hidden under a furniture, etc. In order to clean the oil paint stains from the carpet, you may first use paint thinner. Dab the thinner gently and blot it softly. If you do not have any paint thinner available near to you, an alternative option may be found by using some dry cleaning solvent. Nonetheless to say, if none of the methods work, you should better not be late calling professionals.

Cleaning Tips for Removing Pet Vomit Stains from Carpet

In order to clean the pet vomit stains and odor from the carpet area, you can sprinkle Pet Accident Wash up Solution and leave it there for 5-6 minutes for deep-penetration. Now use a clean absorbent cloth to blot the area thoroughly. Repeat it if necessary. Alternatively, you may also count on 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and let it leave there for few minutes. You can also use baking soda in order to clean the stains, however, not a useful option for removing deep-penetrated odor.