How to Clean a Stove Top

Part of effective house cleaning and upkeep is cleaning your stovetop. It takes time and energy, and if the stove is covered in caked-on food and grease, it can be a monster of a chore. However, if one has the right tools and the know-how, then cleaning your stovetop does not have to be a hassle. This article will give an easy detailed explanation of how to clean your stovetop quickly and effectively.

Clear and clean all removable parts from your stovetop

Before you begin to clean your stovetop, take a moment to unplug the oven. This will keep you from getting electrocuted. Next, remove any removable pieces from your stove (i.e., drip pans, knobs, burners). Take these pieces and place them in a sink filled with hot water, dish liquid, and about a cup of distilled vinegar and let sit.

How to Clean a Stove Top
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This process will do a few things for you. First, it will allow you to have a better cleaning range around your oven top. Secondly, the mixture of hot water, soap, and vinegar will dissolve any burn on grease, dirt, oils, and food off of the items in the sink.

Gather your cleaning supplies

Now that you have any removable parts soaking, it is time to focus on the rest of the stovetop. The first thing that you should get all the necessary cleaning supplies. You will need an oven cleaner, a light spray cleaner for smooth surfaces, a soft scrubbing pad, gloves, a bucket of clean hot water, a soft wash rag (a washcloth will do), and a drying towel. Once you have the desired cleaning supplies move on to the next step.

Clean underneath the stovetop

Most stovetops have two parts: the top visible top where the pots, pans, and other things set and the bottom where the burners are attached. Lift the very top of the stove cover (much like you would the hood of a car) and lightly spray the underneath area with the oven cleaner. Next, place your green scrub pad in hot water and set to work gently, scrubbing, and wiping the underneath area down.

After you have gotten all of the dirt, grime, and grease up, take your washcloth and just wipe along the burners and corners to make sure that you have gotten everything. Now take the drying towel and wipe the underside down completely. You want to make sure that this area is completely dry before moving on.

Clean the visible portion of the stovetop

Once you have finished the underneath, lower the stovetop back down and get set to work on the top. Next, take your bottle of cleaning solution and liberally spray the top of your oven top. If you have any caked-on messes, allow the cleaning solution to sit for a few moments before you wipe the top down.

After it has sat the desired time frame, use your washcloth to wipe the stove down entirely and thoroughly. It is essential that you do not use anything abrasive on the stovetop. Any scratches or dents will be visible and will make your stovetop look dated. Once again, dry the stovetop and dispose of any dirty water.

Replace removable items

During the entire time, you were cleaning your stovetop, the items in the sink have been sitting. You should now take the items out of the sink, rinse and dry them thoroughly. After they are completely dry, place them back on the stove in their designated positions, and you are done.

Additional tips

Once you have your stove looking clean, there are a few steps that you can take to help it stay that way longer. For example, to help keep your drip pans clean, try wrapping them in tin foil. This will help keep them clean by allowing you to simply just replace the tin foil rather than soaking and scrubbing the drip pans.

Also, wipe the stove down every time that you cook. This will keep your stove from getting covered in food and grease. Cleaning your stovetop does not have to be a huge chore. With the right tools, it will only take 20-45 minutes, and you will be done.

Remember that a big part of oven cleaning is keeping the oven wiped down after use. Other than that, it is pretty easy, and the result is entirely worth your time. While you’re here read our awesome article on Spring Cleaning tips.