Subtle Christmas Decorations

It is that time of year again. Christmas is quickly approaching and its time to decorate your house. There are thousands of decorations to choose from in the stores, and some stores carry decorations. But with the rising costs of nearly everything, a lot of homeowners are tightening their belt. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderfully decorated home without breaking the bank.

Private Sales

One of the best places to buy holiday decorations are private sales like yard and moving sales. Quite often, people will sell their old decorations (which may have been hardly used) for next to nothing compared to the cost of the item brand new. A church-sponsored rummage sale may turn up tons of decorations as well. They are a great place to find vintage decorations as well.

Subtle Christmas Decorations
Christmas decor

Another great place to check out is the local swap meet or flea market, but you may end up paying a little more. Don’t forget to check the online swap meets and classifieds like Craig’s List and eBay. You might find some great bargains there for a fraction of the cost compared to buying it new at a retail store.

Thrift Stores

Every large city has several thrift stores. Thrift stores are another great place to buy decorations (among other things) for your home. Usually, prices are on par with yard sales, but the merchandise quality will be consistent. They are also a great place to find vintage decorations or even antiques upon occasion. When going to a thrift store to buy decorations, your best bet to find them there will usually be a few weeks before a major holiday.

Typically space is limited in these stores, so they will only put out seasonal items during specific time periods (just like regular retail stores). If you don’t see anything for sale, don’t be afraid to ask one of the clerks. They may have items in the back that they would be willing to let you look at before they go out on the sales floor.

Business liquidation sales

Anytime you see a store closing its doors; usually, everything is for sale inside. From the actual coolers to the shelving units, it all has to go. It is a good bet that they have a ton of holiday decorations that need to be sold too. You may have to dig through boxes of things to find them, but odds are they will be reasonably inexpensive.

Craft Stores

Craft stores are the place to get inexpensive decorations, not to mention getting some great decorating ideas. Most stores will carry books on making your decorations (great to do with the kids) as well as carrying “unfinished” decorations. Major chains like Michaels carry inexpensive decorations, crafting kits and books on making a variety of things for you home. They are a great way to involve your kids in the holidays.

If you are relatively creative, you can make your decorations out of things found around the house. I think most kids have made Christmas tree ornaments as well as other holiday decorations. They make excellent family keepsakes too. Re-organize your home for Christmas.

Remember, when decorating, it is possible to overdo it. Sometimes, less is more. Try to design your home in a central theme for that particular holiday or around a large centerpiece. The result will be better, and it will be easier to pack it all up for next year. Happy holidays!