Chocomania: the elixir of greedy to star treatment

Sea salt and seaweed? Wrap them; a serious contender has emerged: the chocolate. Cosmetics coming to Europe gourmet The most exquisite palates will melt at the mere mention of the word chocolate, but the skins gourmets prefer to wrap your body and relax while melting chocolate delight – without accumulating calories, with the scent of cocoa.

Chocolate comes from the mixture of cocoa and cocoa butter, the natural fat that is obtained by heating, pressing, filtering the pulp from the cacao seeds. The missionaries introduced to Europe on his return from South America and soon became the dessert with the nobles and aristocrats who lost all sense.

It’s proven that chocolate-based treatments hydrate and tone the body, remineralizing enzymatic metabolism, and skin and nourish the skin. Furthermore, natural cocoa contains antioxidants that keep us safe from photodamage caused by external agents. If we analyze a gram of cocoa would verify that 55 percent of its composition is fat, and 12 percent is protein. It contains six amino acids, minerals such as phosphate, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese and potassium, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.

Aesthetics for greedy

The pharmacy has long resorted to the chocolate to develop master-minded formulas healing, and regenerating appeared sporadically in certain cosmetic treatment products. Today most valued firms look forward to this component to their formulations. The pioneering initiative was Nuxe revolutionized the world with their anti-aging line, revealing that among their active ingredients were the polyphenols and proteins from the unsaponifiable of cocoa, only when standing against free radicals and enhance skin radiance.

Chocomania: the elixir of greedy to star treatment

The epidermal cells are the chocolate with the same avidity that your taste buds. Their amino acids are a nutritional intake that activates skin microcirculation stretching the skin. Nor did she escaped to another significant company specializing in thermal water, the active properties of cocoa. Its researchers decided to use it to declare war on the adipocyte, taking advantage of their ability to revive and promote the natural process of fat elimination.

Palate to skin

Skin cosmetics and beauty centers have a wide range of treatments. We introduce some. For an appetizer, the “Sensitive Chocolat.” It is made entirely from cocoa and cocoa butter and induces the production of endorphins while draining the body, reduces localized fat, and nourishes the skin in-depth. All through serving an Ayurvedic massage both physically and mentally, allowing regeneration of all body systems. A massage with chocolate coating black is indicated for depression and fatigue states. It lasts 70 minutes, enough time for the hormones of Happiness Park all your concerns.

The session begins with a complete exfoliation is performed with an exclusive formula and rotary massage mittens and ends with a relaxing massage with chocolate and almond oil. A shower and a cream containing extracts of cocoa is the perfect finish. A cocoa bath is another suggestive proposal to flood stress. Liters of chocolate waiting to plunge into a warm bathtub filled to overflowing with the aromas, textures, and vitamin cocoa.

Sweet Addiction

“Sex or chocolate?. Many show undecided at this dilemma, and about half would stay with the second option. Not surprisingly, chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins, the same hormones of happiness “that are activated when we fall and produce that feeling of euphoria, pleasure, and welfare. Although this is not all, chocolate also produces serotonin, a substance used in depressive states.

“Additive? Recent studies have shown that it contains phenylethylamine is responsible for that many people need their daily dose of chocolate. The truth is that chocolate also has numerous health benefits. Its flavonoids, particularly those of black chocolate-active in the body the same way that a small-and tasteless-aspirin, reducing blood clots and prevent all cardiovascular diseases. Extreme remorse! A small bar of chocolate contains the same flavonoids as six apples healthy — good news for noting.

So, now do you agree chocolates are a boon to humanity? Then try gifting chocolates to someone.