Children’s Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas would not be complete without a few festive parties, and adding a party just for the kids can help some busy parents get some surprise shopping done while the kids are in attendance.

If you and a few other friends or family members want to have a children’s Christmas party so that some of the adults can have some free time, or simply get together for a fun afternoon, here are some ideas for organization and activities. Timing For a children’s Christmas party, timing is essential, especially if you have a specific menu planned.

If you are waiting until all of the kids are on Christmas break from school, then almost any day will work. Still, if you are planning the party before that time, you will want to utilize a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to invite the kids over. Party Themes After you have chosen the time for the children’s Christmas party, you will then want to choose a theme.

Let them make a gift!

If you are going to be caring for the kids while the parents are out shopping, then now is an excellent time to pull out the ornament making supplies and gift wrap so that even the smallest child will have something to give Mom and Dad on Christmas morning.

Children’s Christmas Party Ideas

Making a gift will also help to keep the kids occupied, especially if they know that they are making a special gift. Gift Exchange If you prefer, then you can have a mini Christmas gift exchange for the kids that you invite.

This type of party will take a little more planning, but it can be fun for everyone involved. You will want to make sure that you know who is coming to the party and set a price limit on the gifts. You may even want to have the kids draw names so that each child will only have to bring one gift.

Another excellent idea is to have a storytime party, where each child brings in one book to exchange for their gift. You can read some of the stories to the kids right then, which will also help keep them organized for a little while.


If you are going to have a children’s Christmas party that is planned to help the parents in the area get some shopping done, then make sure you work with the other parents to provide supplies for the kids during the time that they will be gone. For example, you can all decide which type of party you want to have, and then divide the supply list up among the parents.

Even with the cost of supplies, you will be able to have a wonderful children’s Christmas party, and still save quite a bit of money when compared to hiring a babysitter for the evening. If you want to have an ornament party where all of the kids make their special ornament, also remember to have the children bring any personal items that they may need, such as a personal photo.

Food and Drinks

If you have a children’s Christmas party in the afternoon, then it will be easy to put together a few snacks, rather than serving lunch or dinner. You can have sliced fresh fruit, crackers and cheese, and punch. Keep sweets to a minimum if you have some concerns about the kids filling up on desserts in the afternoon.